Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies

FUSION – Previous Trips

Spring Break 2019

San Diego/Tijuana: This team will be partnering with an organization called Global Immerse. They’ll be going on an Immigrant’s Journey Immersion Trip. Participants will be immersed into the story of immigration. This trip will guide students to see the topic of immigration as a human, social issue rather than a polarizing, political issue. Students will learn the art of everyday peacemaking and caring for the stranger in our midst the way that Jesus did. This team will be led by Noelle Rudeen and Professor Nick Pruitt.

Puerto Rico: Last August we heard the devastating news of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. We had several students who expressed interest in going to serve in Puerto Rico. This year, we’re excited to announce that we are partnering with a local church there in their ministry and in their continued efforts to renovate and rebuild their community that was devastated by the flooding. This team will be led by Lynne Bollinger and Bubba Snodderly.

May Term 2019

Northern California: At the heart of the Fusion Program is a desire for students to be dislocated from their normal routines in order to become more aware of the ways God is moving in and around them. This team will be heading to Northern California to spend a little over a week hiking, camping, rock climbing, etc. This trip will be framed as a pilgrimage in which we intentionally seek to encounter God. This Wilderness Pilgrimage will be an opportunity for students to get outside of their comfort zones and retreat from the busyness of routine. This team will be led by Matt Galiano-Williams.

Ndola, Zambia: This May, we will be returning to the Jubilee Center in Ndola, Zambia! Dr. Catherine Mueller-Bell and Coach Mark Bell will lead this team in soccer ministries, leading a psychology conference, participating in feeding ministries and bible studies, and partnering once again with the Jubilee Center in their efforts to equip Christian leaders in their community.

Asia: The Church of the Nazarene sends missionaries all over the world. In some locations, however, open access is not granted for missionary work. This team will be travelling to what the church calls a “Creative Access Nation” to learn what God is doing in the midst of a local community. Due to the nature of the trip, we will reveal the location of this trip to the group once the team is established.

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