Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies

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Roommate and Room Assignments

All students entering Eastern Nazarene College are encouraged to complete a Housing Survey. On this survey, students indicate whether they will be a residential or commuter student and whether they have already chosen a roommate or would like to be placed with one. It is important that students fill our the Housing Survey accurately to help Student Development match them with the most compatible roommate.

New Students

New Students receive an email over the summer with their roommate information, building, and room assignment, as well as important welcome information. Additional email are sent in August that designate a specific move-in time. It is crucial for students to arrive during their designated time so that Student Development is prepared to assist with the move in process. Students who arrive late may not be able to visit the necessary departments required to complete check-in.

Students must check the approved items list to ensure that they are bringing those items that are permitted in the residence halls.

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