Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies

Living on campus in the residence halls at ENC can be a powerful experience for students as they navigate college life. ENC’s approach to Residential Life encourages students to make healthy choices academically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and physically. Our team of dedicated Residential Life staff cares deeply about their residents.  We consider it a privilege to walk alongside students through the ups and downs of increasingly independent living.

All residence halls have laundry rooms with washer and dryers that are connected to a laundry system allowing students to check how much time is left on their load, see when the next load is finished, and even get alerts when their load is completed. Check out this great new feature for yourself at laundry.enc.edu.

Memorial and Shields Halls are two of our male residence halls. Memorial Hall is named in honor of those who served and died in the Second World War. Memorial Hall houses male upperclassmen in both single and double occupancy room. Shields Hall, named in honor of the first president of Eastern Nazarene College Frederick James Shields, provides housing for male freshmen in rooms that are primarily double occupancy. Each floor in both buildings shares a community bathroom and lounge area. The Underground is a 24-hour common area for male and female students to socialize.

Munro Hall is one of the campuses’ original buildings and is named for the first Dean of Students, Bertha Munro. Munro Hall houses female upperclassmen in both single and double occupancy rooms. There are two shared bathrooms and one lounge for each floor. Munro Parlor is a 24-hour common area for male and female students to socialize.

Spangenberg & Williamson Halls are named for Alice Spangenberg and Esther Williamson, distinguished long-time professors of English and Music at Eastern Nazarene College. Four floors of “Spange & Willy” house female freshmen, and the other four floors house upperclassman females in rooms that are primarily double occupancy. There is a shared bathroom and lounge for each floor. Spange Parlor is a 24-hour common area for male and female students to socialize and is equipped with a full kitchen, a movie room, a computer room, and a lounge and dining area.

Young Hall was named for ENC President Samuel Young and houses upperclassmen males and females in 4-person suites on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors. The suites come standard with a private bathroom, kitchen area with built-in sink, air conditioning unit, common room, and two double-occupancy bedrooms. Each floor also has a common lounge for residents. The 1st and 2nd floors of Young Hall are reserved for staff housing, and handicap-accessible suites.

All Residence Halls are alcohol, drug, and smoke-free

Open Hall Hours

Open Hall hours are times when male and female students can socialize in one another’s residential spaces (in their rooms and on their floors). Apart from these times, they must use the common spaces.

Monday: 6pm-10pm – All buildings
Tuesday: 6pm-10pm – All buildings
Wednesday 6pm-10pm – Only Young Hall
Thursday: 6pm-10pm – All buildings
Friday: 6pm-12am – All buildings
Saturday: 2pm-12am – All buildings
Sunday: No open dorms in any buildings




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