Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies

Welcome Back Reception

An annual gathering for students during their first few weeks back to campus-this event welcomes students of color to the new academic year. Specifically, new students have an opportunity to meet returners, faculty and staff. Multicultural Affairs plans for the year are also outlined. Most of all, however, the reception is a time to fellowship and celebrate the gift of the ENC community.

Film Festivals

The series headlines award-winning narrative features and documentaries from around the world. Our film series explores issues that are geopolitical, transnational, generational, artistic, cultural and historical—offering a wealth of visual pleasure for every taste. The purpose of the Film Festival is to inspire, educate, encourage and enlighten our community through film.

MLK Jr. Chapel & Celebration

Celebrated annually in January, this chapel seeks to explore the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. as it applies in today’s context. Martin Luther King Jr., a clergyman, was a leader of a great social movement for equality for African Americans — a nonviolent struggle against segregation to make the promise of the Declaration of Independence a reality. Dr. King also fought for human rights, freedom and self-determination for all people.

Keynote speakers are nationally recognized leaders in Christian human service. Follow up discussions, meetings challenge the campus on the yearly themes.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings is a celebration during the graduation season designed to recognize, validate and value the unique experiences and contributions of graduating students of color during their time at Eastern Nazarene College. Simultaneously, New Beginnings seeks to do the same for ENC alumni of color.

We celebrate the individual and group accomplishments of our graduates with a sense of its historical significance. New Beginnings challenges our graduates to reflect on what it took for them to graduate. In addition to the challenges of studying, bills, social interactions, etc, New Beginnings asks graduates to reflect on the sacrifices of their parents, fore parents, family and community.

For our alumni, New Beginnings celebrates their accomplishments, their contributions to ENC which, without our current graduates knowing it, without current students of color having a sense of it, empowers us all in the present. We also encourage alumni to become more involved in deliberate efforts to support current students.

Graduates are adorned with stoles (sashes) that symbolize the goals mentioned above. There are three components of the stole:

  • Red and White – colors of Eastern Nazarene College
  • Ethnic Tip – patterns that represent the region of the world of the student’s ancestors
  • Seal of Eastern Nazarene College – We are Eastern Nazarene College

Graduating students are asked to invite those who were significant to their success here at ENC faculty, staff and/or friends.

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