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Undergraduate Studies


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Intercultural Center Mini Grants

The Intercultural Center is proud to announce the availability of limited funds to support Multicultural activities and programs. The purpose of the mini-grants is to assist Eastern Nazarene College in fulfilling our stated value of developing Multicultural Understanding, creating a context that welcomes and embraces various cultural backgrounds to promote cultural understanding and acceptance.

The mini-grants will endeavor to help develop an educational community that allows members of our community to:

  • Experience multiple, meaningful contact-points where they have been guided to appreciate ethnic, cultural and religious diversity.
  • View the world from the perspective of diverse groups including an exposure to levels of adversity faced by various groups.
  • Be exposed to the major religious belief systems around the world.
  • Experience a safe campus environment for themselves and other cultures in which all experience a sense of belonging.

If you are interested in applying for a mini-grant, please complete the application here. For further questions, please contact robert.benjamin@enc.edu.

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