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Being multicultural is central to who we are at Eastern Nazarene College.

Eastern Nazarene College’s campus is an exhilarating community comprising of various cultures that generate unique Christian characteristics of our institution. Our diversity is integral to the learning experiences we create for our students, both within and beyond the classroom. We also believe that a diverse campus is central to our ability to produce high caliber graduates of all races, cultures, and ethnicities.

As educators, we place great importance on being multicultural in our classrooms, residence halls, and organized activities. Our community uniquely prepares our students to effectively integrate themselves and be leaders in a global society, and function collaboratively with others.


Eastern Nazarene College seeks to promote, create, and sustain a community that recognizes and respects the presence of diverse groups, acknowledging and valuing their socio-cultural differences, and will seek to encourage and enable their contributions which empower all. The Office for Multicultural Affairs is dedicated to assisting students in all areas as they transition to ENC. Our aspiration is to design programs that inform, explore, and challenge the ENC community around multicultural issues. It is also to affirm the biblical vision of the Kingdom of God, in which people from “every tribe and language and people and nation” are gathered, purchased by Christ’s sacrifice (Revelation 5:9).

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The Office for Multicultural Affairs is located in the Mann Student Center
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23 East Elm Ave
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Robert Benjamin, Associate Dean for Multicultural Affairs and Student Transitions

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