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The Physics and Engineering Club

The Physics and Engineering club serves as the gateway between the Honors Scholar Society (HSS) Directorate, the Honors student body and all other students within the Department with a renewed intellectual curiosity. In this role, the Physics and Engineering club provides a comprehensive platform for students to share their social and scientific life experiences with their peers within the ENC community and the larger academic community within the Boston area. The activities of the club provide students with the ability to work in teams and to develop a positive attitude towards scholastic achievements and excellence. The primary goals of the Physics and Engineering club include but are not limited to the following:

– to investigate innovative ideas in Physics and Engineering creative and to creatively discuss them with fellow students and with faculties
– to develop and nurture good relationships with faculties and peers
– to provide a forum that encourages students to engage in scholastic, cultural, artistic, and other general activities that will supply opportunities for experiences beyond the classroom
Towards accomplishing these goals, the Physics and Engineering club plans to support the following events and activities:
– Support internal and external scientific and artistic presentations by well-known scholars in the Boston area
– Participate in artistic and scientific activities from well-known and respected colleges and universities in the Boston area
– Support the activities of the yearly Freshman Robotics Competition
– Participate in Physics and Engineering fairs within the greater Boston area
– Support Senior Design Project activities and presentations
– Sponsor special artistic and scientific movie nights


President: Dinesh Manandhar
Vice President: Daniel Burley
Administrative Assistant: Charles Holt
Administrative Assistant: Joseph Hammerstrom
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Pierre-Richard Cornely

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