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Shrader Club

Shrader Club aims to enhance the academic and spiritual experience of students in the Biology and Chemistry department of Eastern Nazarene College by providing a social life for students often confined to lengthy lab hours in the science building for which it is named. Geared towards promoting department interaction and an environment for studying, events include biweekly study and coffee nights, fundraisers, game nights and attendance to lectures within the field, as well as the club’s annual Christmas party and Senior Banquet.

Students may also be enlisted to help the club decorate the building for various holidays and welcome events, often accompanied by a pizza party. Though run by the Biology and Chemistry department all students are welcome to join and attend.

For photos and information regarding upcoming events follow the Shrader Club on Facebook!

President: David Daggett
Vice-President: Nick Burt
Administrative Assistant: Allana Kroll
Social Life Coordinator: Sam Bartels
Publicity: Gretchen Bird
Chaplain: Laurianna Frasson
Faculty Advisor:  Sherrie Burt

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