Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies


This degree prepares student to work in various areas of psychology, including child psychology and clinical research. Psychology is often studied as a dual-degree program with disciplines like education and business, leading to a wide variety of career paths.


Psychology is the foundation for many, if not all, careers and professions. Students who choose this major are often interested in making a difference in the world and an impact in people’s lives. Students develop a deeper understanding of the mind, how it works, and how it affects behavior. They have the opportunity to engage in meaningful classroom instruction and discussions that promote personal growth and exploration.  

The Department of Psychology and Crime, Law & Justice at Eastern Nazarene College offers students a choice between between three distinct degree tracks, including two Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees and one Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. The primary difference between the B.A. and B.S. degree tracks is a greater emphasis on the humanities and application to specific populations with the B.A. tracks and a greater emphasis on advanced research methods and clinical theory and practice with the B.S. track. Additionally, each of the degree programs provides ample opportunities for the integration of Christian faith with the art and science of psychology, including internship experiences and opportunities for collaborative and individual research during the student’s four years at Eastern Nazarene College.

All students pursuing an undergraduate degree in psychology participate in a supervised field experience that is designed around their interests and future career plans in psychology.Students who choose the clinical and research track are exposed to current research paradigms in psychology and have the opportunity to propose, design, and participate in a research project. The campus’ close proximity to Boston, a leading hub for innovation and research, gives students access to the latest information and research in the field of psychology. Finally, students at Eastern Nazarene College are encouraged to participate in clubs and activities that promote student learning and development like PsiChi.


Career Paths

Psychology ranks among the top three majors at the undergraduate level. Psychology jobs are expected to soar between 2014-2024 at a rate of 19 percent. This is due in part to the need for trained psychologists in mental health centers, schools, social service agencies, mental health centers, and business. Although the most common career goal of undergraduate psychology students is to become a psychologist or counselor, there are many paths a student can pursue with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Many students enter the workforce as a specialist or technician in human and social services or education.  Some jobs students commonly pursue upon graduation include case manager, human resources manager, school counselor, laboratory assistant, and career counselor.

Psychology Degree Tracks

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology – Social Relations degree is our most general track and provides an excellent foundation for students with an interest in the social dynamics that influence individual behavior and group processes. Beyond the psychology core curriculum that every student completes, students in this track take coursework in introductory sociology, social psychology, and group psychology. This degree can serve as a pathway to graduate study in psychology and other fields as well as solid preparation for a wide variety of careers beyond psychology, such as criminal justice, business, law, ministry, and many others. 

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology – Child and Adolescent Development degree is geared towards those students interested in specialized education and training to work with younger clients. In addition to the psychology core, these students take additional coursework in the areas of child and adolescent development and are encouraged to pursue internship experiences with these populations as well. Students in this degree track are well prepared to immediately enter the field, working directly with children and adolescents in a wide variety of settings at the bachelor’s level, or pursue graduate training for child and adolescent therapy or a range of other graduate degree options. 

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology – Clinical and Research degree is well-suited for those students with a strong interest in more advanced aspects of clinical work and psychological research. This degree provides solid preparation for graduate education at both the Masters and Doctoral levels, especially those programs with a greater emphasis on research. Beyond the core courses of the psychology major, B.S. students also complete courses in physiological psychology/neuroscience, counseling psychology, advanced research methods, and quantitative research and data analysis.  

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B.S., B.A.

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Social Science

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Why students and faculty love Psychology

What is unique about the Psychology and Crime, Law & Justice Department at Eastern Nazarene College is that class discussions are very interactive and embrace students from many different cultures and backgrounds. This makes for a broader, richer learning experience for students. ”

Andres Medina '23
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela ​

Our students are invested in being a blessing in the world in a way that will make a significant impact. I am especially proud of how committed they are to promoting social justice in meaningful and genuine ways. They inspire me each and every day! It is an honor to be part of the community at Eastern Nazarene College.”

Dr. Catherine Mueller-Bell
Associate Professor

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