Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies


Marketing professionals have never been in greater demand than today. If you enjoy learning about new strategies and technologies to reach consumers and make them loyal customers, marketing may be the right career path for you.


This degree will prepare you for the rapidly evolving world of marketing, providing you with both the creative and analytical skills necessary to generate effective marketing solutions that resonate with consumers. At Eastern Nazarene College, a well-rounded liberal arts education with a specialization in marketing includes courses in accounting, finance, economics, management information technology, business law, leadership, global business, and ethics as well as the required marketing core courses needed to develop skills in strategic marketing and communications.

Students enjoy small, interactive classes with a blend of full time and adjunct faculty who work in their respective fields and bring a wealth of experience to the classroom. Students are engaged in individual and team projects with course simulations across multiple disciplines, competing against each other and other educational institutions and corporations across the globe.

Students may participate in two student-led clubs. The Business Society aims to cultivate interest in business and connect Eastern Nazarene College with local businesses. The Investment Club develops strategies to invest one million dollars in five different sectors (pharmaceutical, green, finance, agricultural, and merchandise). Each student is committed to researching an investment portfolio and providing an informative and persuasive presentation regarding the stock activity and reasons to invest in a company.

Career Paths

Eastern Nazarene College students who have graduated with a marketing degree have gone on to work in various aspects of marketing, from advertising to product development. Others pursue graduate degrees in the Eastern Nazarene College Master’s in Management program or at other universities.

Core Business Requirement
  • AC221 Principles of Accounting I  
  • AC222 Principles of Accounting II  
  • BA110 Introduction to Business  
  • BA231 Principles of Microeconomics  
  • BA232 Principles of Macroeconomics  
  • BA310 Global Business  
  • BA315 Management Information Systems  
  • BA411 Business Law  
  • BA478 Seminar in Leadership  
  • FN312 Financial Management  
  • MK252 Principles of Marketing  
  • MT212 Principles of Management  
  • MT431 Strategic Management 
Marketing Core Requirements
  • MK320 Consumer Behavior  
  • MK330 Sales Management  
  • MK358 Marketing Research  
  • MK361 Integrated Marketing Communication  
  • MK450 Global Marketing  
  • Business Elective Credits  
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Why students love Marketing

I enjoy being in class with other business students who both challenge and support me. As a marketing major, there are plenty of opportunities to get experience through internships with companies in Boston. It’s also nice to know that I will be entering a job market with demand for marketers when I graduate. ”

Amya Altman '22
Hometown: Butler, Pennsylvania

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