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Undergraduate Studies


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At Eastern Nazarene College, students don't just read about history. They explore, research, and discover history in the historic backdrop of Quincy and Boston, acquiring a dynamic understanding of history while developing marketable communication and critical thinking skills.


Eastern Nazarene College’s history program helps students acquire a foundation in history and develop historical thinking skills through a comprehensive curriculum that includes courses in topics that span the history of America, Europe, and Africa; immigration; genocide; and the Cold War to name just a few. Students also have the opportunity to tailor their degree to their areas of interest. Upon graduation, students are prepared to enter any number of professions including, education and social work. Many students pursue graduate studies in history, law, international relations, and library science.

Eastern Nazarene College’s small class sizes and faith-based community help students advance their historical interests and career aspirations while also developing their beliefs in a place where both academic and spiritual growth are encouraged and nurtured.

The Teacher Education Program has created a Student Education Association of Massachusetts chapter on campus so students may take part in professional development opportunities. Eastern Nazarene College also has a history club that meets regularly and plans events and trips.

Career Paths

Recent graduates of Eastern Nazarene College have been admitted into graduate programs and law schools at Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University, George Mason University, New England Law, George Washington University, University of New York-Albany, Kent State University, Simmons University, Sacramento State University and others. 

Undergraduate Catalog

For course descriptions, requirements, focus areas, options, and other program details see the full current undergraduate catalog.


Upon completion of the BA in History degree, graduates will be able to:

  • Articulate the complex differences in human experience across time and space.
  • Recognize and generate effective historical narrative and arguments based on appropriate primary source evidence and other historical literature.
  • Articulate the ethics of historical practice in terms of building on other scholars’ work.
  • Appropriately analyze works of art in both aesthetic and historical terms.
  • Collaborate with others in developing effective arguments.
  • Present effective, reasoned arguments in both written and oral form.
  • Recognize the limits of academic historical methods in attributing a deeper meaning to the past.
  • Articulate the contours of their own philosophy of history.
  • Engage a diversity of viewpoints in a civil and constructive fashion.
  • Apply historical knowledge and analysis to contemporary social and political conversations.
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Why our faculty loves teaching History

Studying history is a great way to think deeply about our world while gaining valuable communication and critical thinking skills that prepare you for a wide range of career pursuits. History majors have gone on to work in education, law, marketing, ministry and more. At Eastern Nazarene College, you have access to the rich historic resources of Boston and join a community of students and faculty who share your passion for exploring the past.”

William McCoy
Associate Professor of History

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