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Undergraduate Studies
Healthcare Prep

Healthcare Prep

Healthcare may be the right path for you if you are interested in a career that will challenge you professionally and allow you to make an impact on humanity.


Preparatory Courses of Study

Pre-Medicine; Pre-Nursing; Pre-Physical Therapy; Pre-Occupational Therapy; Pre-Pharmacy; Pre-Pharmacy Dual Degree 

 Other Healthcare Entry Options

Genetic Counseling, Public Health, Healthcare Administration, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Physician Assistant  

Students interested in a career in healthcare obtain a solid foundation for success with an Eastern Nazarene College preparatory course of study program. Students choose a major and then specialize in a preparatory course of study, customized to suit their unique career goals. Students are well prepared to apply to graduate school or to enter the healthcare field upon graduation.

Students major in an area of interest, which includes but is not limited to biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and psychology. Students meet with a pre-health adviser to choose an academic path that is designed to address their area(s) of interest. This path may include pre-nursing, pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-pharmacy, and pre-veterinary medicine. Students also complete an internship in healthcare to provide them with hands-on experience in the field. Student have been interns in optometry, cardiac medicine, and emergency medicine, to name a few. The campus’ close proximity to Boston affords students access to top healthcare providers. Students may also participate in cross-cultural trips to broadens their perspective and impact.  

Career Paths

Alumni of Eastern Nazarene College have a long history of success in the healthcare field. Graduates have gone on to become physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, physician assistants, and pharmacists. Other students have been accepted to graduate programs such as SUNY Upstate Medical School, Case Western Reserve University, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Drexel, University, University of New England, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, New England School of Optometry, and University of New Hampshire.

Course of Study

Students create a customized course schedule based on their interests and future career plans. They must complete the core liberal arts curriculum as well as courses to fulfill the requirements of  their major.  Students are encouraged to explore other interest areas if their schedule permits. The main science course topics are: 

  • Cell Biology 
  • Plants and Animals 
  • Ecology 
  • Anatomy and Physiology 
  • Biochemistry 
  • Medicinal Chemistry 
  • Cancer Biology 
  • Genetics 
  • Statistics 
  • General Chemistry 
  • Organic Chemistry 

Students may choose to complete their internship hours on campus or at another academic institution. They may also avail themselves of the college’s relationships with area healthcare providers and the campus’ proximity to healthcare institutions in the Greater Boston Area.  

Affiliations and Certifications

Eastern Nazarene College has a partnership with Regis College to provide students with additional healthcare opportunities.  

Eligible pre-nursing students may complete four years at Eastern Nazarene College and take two courses free of charge at Regis College. Upon graduation from Eastern Nazarene College, students enter an accelerated program at Regis College to complete their bachelor’s of science in nursing.  

Students interested in public health or healthcare administration may apply to Regis College during their junior year. Eligible Eastern Nazarene College students complete one to two courses through Regis College and then finish their master’s program at Regis after graduation. 

Eastern Nazarene College is also pursuing partnerships with local schools of pharmacy. 

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Health Professions Instructor



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Our faculty on the healthcare program

The healthcare preparatory programs at Eastern Nazarene College are unique because they give students a strong background in the sciences as well and the liberal arts, something that is necessary for a successful career in any medical field. Critical reasoning, systems thinking, and an ability to look at the big picture are highly sought after skills in the rapidly growing field of healthcare. As a graduate of Eastern Nazarene College, I attribute my professional success to my preparation here. Now, I have the privilege of passing all of my knowledge and experience to students who share my passion for the field.”

Jennie Doane
Healthcare Professions Instructor & Alumna '07

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