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Undergraduate Studies


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Communication Arts

Communication Arts

Effective communication is essential in every industry. With a communication arts degree, graduates may find themselves working as a communications director for a nonprofit organization or a public relations manager for a corporation.


From speech writing and storytelling to persuasion and linguistics, students develop strong communication skills that may be applied to a wide range of careers. Students are encouraged to tailor the Communication Arts degree to best suit their personal goals and career aspirations, choosing from courses that include Persuasion and Argumentation, Editing and Publishing, Writing across the Media, Writing for Stage and Screen, Introduction to Creative Writing, and Graphic Design.

Eastern Nazarene College’s Communication Arts Program is designed to give students a solid understanding of the theories and practice of communications that they may take with them in a wide variety of industries, from media and entertainment to public service and advertising. Small class sizes and a faith-based community ensure students earn their degree in an academically and spiritually supportive environment. 

Career Paths

The proximity of Boston to the Eastern Nazarene College campus provides students with many internship and employment opportunities in communications. Many students seek employment in a wide range of industries upon graduation while others apply to graduate programs to concentrate on a specific area of communications.

Undergraduate Catalog

For course descriptions, requirements, focus areas, options, and other program details see the full current undergraduate catalog.


Upon completion of the BA in Communication Arts degree, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of grammar, language acquisition, and phonetics.
  • Know the component parts of language and how language operates as a medium of communication.
  • Analyze literature and produce writing that effectively interprets, persuades, explains, narrates, etc.
  • Understand and appreciate aesthetics, especially in relation to the production of media and the basic design principles necessary to produce quality visual presentations.
  • Exhibit commensurate skills in oral presentation and in writing clear, lucid prose for a variety of audiences and a variety of purposes.
  • Demonstrate effective practices for communicating faith through the media.
  • Understand a variety of points of view and demonstrate appropriate sensitivity to the concerns and struggles of others.
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Why students love Communication Arts

When I came to Eastern Nazarene College, they welcomed me with open arms. If you need help, someone is always there for you. We really care for each other here. You left your family when you came here, but this is your second family.”

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