Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies


Biochemistry majors may venture into various science-related fields, working in laboratories, research facilities, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and biotechnology firms. Others pursue academia or medical school upon graduation from the program.


In addition to the rigorous nature of our courses, we provide students with the opportunity to get involved in hands-on, cutting edge research with our faculty. Most schools do not allow students to participate in research until their junior year; however, at Eastern Nazarene College, freshmen and sophomores are afforded this opportunity as well. In addition to conducting research with faculty, students are involved in independent projects that encourage them to venture outside of their comfort zones and think like scientists. This learning methodology is carried through into their senior year when they conduct and present a senior research project for the community. Upon graduation, many students either continue their studies in graduate school or apply to medical or pharmacy school.

Career Paths

A degree in biochemistry prepares students for a career in industry or academia. Examples include the pharmaceutical, polymer, and nanomaterials industries. The major is also designed to prepare students for medical school. 

Over the past 15 years, majors in chemistry and biochemistry have had a 100% acceptance rate into graduate school, including the University of Massachusetts, Case Western University, Temple University, Indiana University, University of New Hampshire, Emory University, University of Connecticut, Georgia Tech, and University of Pittsburgh. Other students are employed with companies like Genzyme, the world’s third-largest biotechnology firm.

Core biochemistry courses

Students take a core consisting of introductory courses in organic, analytical and biochemistry. Coupled with these traditional courses are advanced labs spanning the fields above. In addition, students complete a unique four semester sequence of study focused on independent research which is presented in their senior year. To give students exposure to other fields of chemistry, electives such as medicinal chemistry and courses in forensic science are offered.

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Why students love Biochemistry

I began my studies in biochemistry with the intention of going to medical school. Eastern Nazarene College provided me with everything I needed to achieve this goal. I especially appreciate the small classrooms and labs where I am able to get immediate clarification from professors in the context of the material covered. I also have been able to pursue extracurricular activities in health care because of the college's proximity to Boston, including a Boston Children's Hospital volunteer, pharmacy technician, and medical scribe. Preparing for medical school here has allowed me to grow in my faith as a Christian and receive a quality education that has prepared me for the future.”

Paul Chong '20
Hometown: Reading, Massachusetts

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