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Undergraduate Studies
Applied Physics

Applied Physics

Applied physicists use physics, along with other disciplines such as engineering and chemistry, to solve problems. In this newly established degree program, students develop problem solving skills in small class and lab settings, preparing them for post-graduate studies and the workforce.


Upon graduating with a physics degree, students are prepared to enter the workforce, pursue a professional degree (MD and JD), or apply to graduate school (MS and PhD). The Eastern Nazarene College program covers the breath and depth of the field of physics, while also providing hands-on training in scientific research and communications. Students benefit from individualized attention in small classroom and laboratory settings and opportunities to work with professors on groundbreaking research, even as soon as in their freshman year. The close proximity of the campus to Boston provides students with access to internship opportunities at research labs and companies where our alumni are working in the field. 

Career Paths

Over the past five years, 100% of our graduates in physics have gone on to graduate school, professional school, or a full-time job. Alumni have been accepted to Harvard University Law School, Stanford University, University of Massachusetts-Lowell, and Oklahoma State University Medical School, to name a few. Applied physics is a new degree program at Eastern Nazarene College so this is an exciting time to join our Physics Department.

Applied Physics Core Courses & Requirements

Physics Core (all required), minimum grade C-, 22 credits 

  • PY201/PY201L General Physics I w/ Lab 
  • PY202/PY202L General Physics II w/Lab 5 
  • PY301/PY301L Modern Physics I w/Lab 4 
  • PY312/PY312L Applied Mechanics w/Lab 4 
  • PY322/PY322L Electricity and Magnetism w/Lab 4 

Applied Physics (BS) Additional Requirements, minimum grade C-, 6 credits 

  • PY325 Introduction to Research 3 
  • PY499 Senior Research in Physics 3 

 Applied Physics (BS) Elective, minimum grade C-, 3 credits 

  • Any additional PY course 300 level or above 3 

 Engineering Cognate, minimum grade C-, 4 credits 

  • EG161/EG161L Intro to Robotics w/Lab 4 

 Programming Cognate (choose 1), minimum grade C-, 3 credits 

  • CS131 Computer Programming I 3 
  • EG452 Applied Programming 3 

 Electronics Cognate (choose 1), minimum grade C-, 4 credits 

  • EG272/EG272L Circuit Theory I w/Lab 4 
  • EG232/EG232L Digital Logic w/Lab 4 

Math Cognates (all required), minimum grade C-, 14 credits 

  • MA152 Calculus II 4 
  • MA201 Linear Algebra 4 
  • MA211 Calculus III 3 
  • MA212 Differential Equations 3

Chemistry Cognate, minimum grade C-, 8 credits 

  • CH103/CH103L General Chemistry I w/Lab 4 
  • CH104/CH104L General Chemistry II w/Lab 4 
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