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Winter Term at Eastern Nazarene College

Exciting opportunities. Affordable costs.

Registration for Winter Term 2020 is now closed to the general public. Current ENC students may still register by contacting their academic advisor.

ENC is glad to be able to offer a truly unique set of fully online courses to our students and to the public. Whether you are a pastor or teacher looking to expand your skill set, a recent graduate realizing you need some additional skills for managing your personal finances, or just someone looking for personal enrichment, Winter Term at ENC offers exciting opportunities at affordable costs.

Winter Term Courses

BL-313 Interpreting the Psalms (3 cr)

Contact: john.nielson@enc.edu

A historical, literary, and theological study of the book of Psalms with special emphasis on the historical use of the psalms for Christian worship.

BL-490A Seminar in Biblical Studies: The Practice of Lament (3 cr)

Contact: john.nielson@enc.edu

In this course students will explore the biblical tradition of lament and how lament serves as a faithful practice in our lives today. Particular attention will be given to lament as corporate practice, prophetic protest, and a faithful response to loss. Lament in the Psalms, the Prophets, the Life of Jesus, and in the Book of Revelation, will all be addressed.

SO-242 Sociology of Religion (3 cr)

Contact: philip.lafountain@enc.edu & victoria.schow@enc.edu

Sociology of religion is a comparative and analytical study of organized religion as a social institution. Such topics as conversion, church growth, belief and practices of major American faiths, types of church structure, secularization, function, and conflict of religion in society are examined. In addition, there will be an emphasis on the role of theology in congregational life.

TH-399A Christian Faith, Protest, and Racial Justice (1-3 cr)

Contact: john.nielson@enc.edu

Selected theological topics dealing with contemporary and/or cross disciplinary issues. In this course students will explore the role of protest in Christian faith and its relationship to racial justice. Additionally, this class will examine critical issues facing the ongoing movement towards equality and the celebration of true diversity. Students will gain a better perspective on the United States’ struggle for equality and racial justice.

AC-419 Federal Tax 1 (3 cr)

Contact: robert.murphy@enc.edu

The primary focus of this course is on the fundamental issues related to the income taxation of idividuals. It addresses tax administration; income, deductions, and tax credits; treatment of gains and losses; income taxation of individuals, estate and gift taxation, and trusts.

BA-399 Business Seminar: Exploring International Cultures… Communicating Successfully Across Cultural Borders (3 cr)

Contact: robert.murphy@enc.edu & jan.weisen@enc.edu

In this seminar, students will examine global cultures (home and host cultures) and the challenges presented by working/living in a global community.

BA-399 Business Seminar: Leadership, Faith & Sustainability (3 cr)

Contact: robert.murphy@enc.edu & stephen.tumolo@enc.edu

This seminar aims to cultivate in students: a deeper understanding of the ongoing climate and ecological crisis and its call for sustainable business and life practices; the basis in Christian faith for creation care; and the vital role of leadership. In doing so the seminar seeks growth in appreciation of the earth as the basis for economic activity; an understanding of the impact of business activity on the planet, its ecosystems and species; and a vision for students’ role in planetary restoration. The course will integrate readings, videos, experiences, group activities, student-led projects, and class discussions in order to achieve this appreciation, understanding and vision.

FN-493 Seminar in Personal Financial Management (3 cr)

Contact: robert.murphy@enc.edu

This course introduces basic issues in the management of personal finances. Topics include investing and retirement planning, career planning, money mangement and budgeting, taxes, consumer credit, and purchasing strategies (home, auto, insurance).

MK-399 Marketing Seminar: Digital Media (3 cr)

Contact: robert.murphy@enc.edu & jeffrey.johnson@enc.edu

In this seminar, students will gain a fundamental understanding of the concepts of e-commerce and how this is impacting the marketing function in today’s global environment.

MT-399 Management Seminar: Non-Profit Management (3 cr)

Contact: robert.murphy@enc.edu

In this seminar, students will assess the growth of nonprofit organizations and their role in shaping pubic policy and building communities; identify principles, standards and strategies which are fundamental to the role of successful nonprofits.

CO-299 Introduction to Film Studies (3 cr)

Contact: marianna.krejci-papa@enc.edu

This course introduces students to film as a modern storytelling art. Topics include the origins of film technology and the film industry, the development of a cinematic language by early directors, formal elements of film design, an overview of major genres and narrative structures, as well as an introduction to theoretical approaches to film analysis. The class will include readings about film, watching entire films and film clips, and short writing assignments.

BI-431 Computational Genetic Analysis Tools (3 cr)

Contact: robert.logan@enc.edu

Biology has entered a new era marked by the generation of sequence data from tens of thousands of species. A vast amount of information about how life works and evolves is encoded in these data. In fact, the amount of data amassed in databases far exceeds the number of researchers available and able to analyze it. A trove of important discoveries are just waiting to be made, possibly by you and your future colleagues. In order to find these treasures, you must learn skills that are different from those used in a “wet lab”, where you transfer liquids from tube to tube. These “dry lab” skills include sequence analysis, computational methods and statistics among others. The goal of this lab is to expose you to some of these fundamental skills required for bioinformatic work, all of which are highly valued in today’s research environment.

CS-199 Special Topics in Computer Science: Fundamentals of Games (3 cr)

Contact: marcus.fries@enc.edu & lisa.patacchiola@enc.edu

This class explores the world of games from both a development perspective and a design angle. Topics will include basic game scripting techniques, common level creation tools, theory of games and game design, and what makes for a fun game.

EG/CH-199 Nanotechnology for a Sustainable Future (1 cr)

Contact: jill.macko@enc.edu

Imagine a solar panel thin enough to be transparent to the human eye, flexible enough to fold into a paper airplane and affordable enough to be used as wall paper. Such a solar panel has already been enabled by nanomaterials! Nanomaterials such as perovskites, graphene, and conductive polymers hold the potential to transform clean energy and sustainable development. This course will overview the scientific principles underlying nanomaterials and nanoscale devices, specifically with potential applications in sustainability.

CC-402 Christian Calling, Vocation, and Career Development (1 cr)

Contact: aprilis.diaz@enc.edu

A course designed to address “Calling, Vocation and Career Development” from a Christian worldview, and to assist students in their transition from the undergraduate experience to the world of work and graduate studies. Topics include career exploration, resume development, interviewing, techniques and job search skills, networking, job market trends, graduate school preparation, work ethics, and transition issues.

PE101 Theory of Wellness (2 cr)

Contact: sacha.santimano@enc.edu

An introductory course dedicated to understanding concepts and application of lifetime personal health and wellness that should result in optimal fitness and wellness for the student.

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