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Undergraduate Studies

What is New Student Orientation (NSO)? 

New Student Orientation (NSO) is an action-packed and informative program designed especially for incoming new students at ENC. It is comprised of a summer event, webinars and an online course beginning in June along with August move in day and Welcome Week for new students beginning in the fall. For spring new students, an online program and move in day takes place early in the spring semester. At these programs, you can expect to meet many faculty and staff members, advisors, and fellow students who truly care about you and your success at the College.

When and how long is NSO? 

  • Summer NSO begins in June. For June 2021 it will be conducted both virtually and in person on June 26.
  • Fall NSO and Welcome Week is a 4-day program for residents and commuters in August.
  • Spring NSO for students beginning in the spring semester is one day in January.

What can I expect at NSO? 

You will have the opportunity to interact with your academic advisor and staff from across campus to gain a better understanding of expectations for students on campus. New students will also learn more about opportunities to be involved on campus, meet current and new students, and much more.

Is Orientation Mandatory? 

Our online orientation course offered via our learning management system Canvas is mandatory for all new students. It must be completed at least one week prior to arrival on campus. Fall Welcome Week in August is also mandatory. Orientation serves to prepare you for your first semester, without the information it provides you will not be prepared for success.

Can I arrive before my check-in date? 

You cannot move on to campus before your check in date unless you are a pre-approved early arriver due to a sport, campus employment, or another reason for which a coach or supervisor has arranged with the director of residential life and housing. 

Can I change my check-in time? 

We do not allow students to change their check-in times as it is imperative to stay on schedule. If an extenuating circumstance arises and you must change your check-in time, email nso@enc.edu to inquire about alternative times. 

What if I cannot attend NSO due to previous obligations? 

Orientation is mandatory; however, if there is some kind of extenuating circumstance that prevents you from attending please contact nso@enc.edu or call 617-745-3774. From there, you will be directed how to proceed. 

Do I have to register for NSO? 

You will need to register for our summer event on Saturday, June 26. We are excited for your arrival, and we want to have everything ready for you! Once your enrollment deposit is processed, you will receive a mailing with specific details about how to sign up for orientation and register any guests who may be attending with you. If you have any issues registering or questions about registration please contact nso@enc.edu. 

What should I bring to campus? 

Residential students can view a full list of approved residence hall items here. Students pursuing campus employment should also bring government issued ID, and their birth certificate or social security card. For further questions on campus employment please contact hr@enc.edu.

Where can I park? 

Upon arrival to move in, you can park temporarily on East Elm Ave. Once you are checked in, you will be directed to the Waterston Avenue parking lot for the day. We will provide a temporary parking permit at check in to display on your dashboard. 

How do I get to campus? 

Directions to ENC are available hereThe campus map may also be helpful. 

How do I know where to go for NSO?

Check in for August will be on the front lawn of the college. You can enter at the main gate on East Elm Avenue. In the case of inclement weather, check in will take place in the Lahue Physical Education Center.

Spring New Student Orientation begins in the Admissions office in the Bower-Grimshaw Center which is connected to Gardner Hall.

When do I receive my room assignment? 

All students are required to complete a housing application for on campus housing and off campus commuting. This survey will be available in May and contains questions that will assist the Residential Life team in making roommate and housing assignments. If you have any questions regarding housing, please contact housing@enc.edu or call 617-745-3718.

Can someone mail me a package? 

All students, including commuter students, are assigned a campus mailbox, located in the Mann Student Center near the Security and Student Development offices. The mailing address for all students is Full Name, 23 East Elm Ave. Quincy, MA 02170. Please check the mailroom for current hours.

Can I bring my car to campus? 

Freshman residents are not permitted to bring vehicles on campus. Commuter students and transfer students must register their car with Security. Permits to park on campus are available through Security.  

How many guests may I have with me at NSO? 

We will determine our guest policy for Fall 2021 move in and orientation based on Covid guidelines and best practice outlined by the Quincy Department of Health later this summer.

Is there a charge for Orientation? 

No, we are happy to offer these services for you! 

Can parents and guests stay overnight? 

Guest housing is not available on campus, but here is a list of local accommodations. 

As a parent of a new student, is there any NSO information specifically for me? 

Summer and Fall NSO is designed to help both students and their family’s transition into the ENC community.

Spring NSO is significantly more condensed. Parents are invited to attend all virtual sessions on the schedule.

Are meals provided? 

For August 2021 meals are included for students only.

What if I (or one of my guests) have dietary restrictions? 

Please indicate any allergies or other dietary restrictions on your NSO registration form. Students should also contact the Director of Food Services at Louiza.Loizos@enc.edu to discuss dining options on campus and accommodations that are available to meet your needs.

What if I need special accommodations? 

Accessible rooms are available for students with disabilities. Please indicate on your NSO registration form to let us know how we can make your stay as comfortable as possible. ENC is proud to offer numerous support services for students who have a temporary or permanent health impairment, physical limitations, psychiatric disorders or learning disabilities. 

Will I be taking placement exams? 

Please contact the Center for Student Engagement to schedule placement testing. The Registrar’s Office may not be able to create a course schedule until you have completed placement testing.  

Where can I buy textbooks? 

All new undergraduate students receive textbooks for undergraduate classes. Students are opted-in to receive rental textbooks, including consumable items like workbooks and online codes. Most textbooks will be in electronic format. Students will be sent more information this summer including how to login to the textbook portal to track required books, access electronic textbooks and more.

How will my AP or previous college/university coursework transfer? 

The Registrar’s Office is the best contact for any questions regarding course credit and academic schedules. They can be reached at registrar@enc.edu. 

What if my question is not listed on this page? 

If you are unable to find an answer to the questions you have on this page, please contact us by email at nso@enc.edu.

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