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Theater, Music and Literature will continue at ENC

Published: January 26, 2017

Eastern Nazarene College is involved in an extensive academic re-visioning process for the future. In many ways this is challenging and exciting at that same time. Because certain aspects of an academic re-visioning process can be complicated, the College would like to bring some additional clarity to the exciting path moving forward.

The great news is, Theater, Music and Literature will continue at ENC in a variety of forms!

  • Music / Choral ensembles and other performance opportunities will continue
  • Theater will continue with multiple performances each year
  • Our commitment to the Arts and Literature will continue to be in our core curriculum and elective offerings
  • Student-led groups and activities will continue to emerge within these areas that enhance the student experience
  • ENC will capitalize on our Boston location and the rich cultural, literary, and arts offerings at our doorstep

ENC is currently in the process of forming exciting partnerships within these disciplines that will broaden and strengthen the experience for our students and for the communities we serve.

We continue to be fully committed to offering an outstanding Christian liberal arts education. Stay tuned for more exciting news regarding Theater, Music and Literature at ENC.



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