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The Bible Women’s Project

Published: January 26, 2015

Update: Due to popular demand, The Bible Women’s Project will have three encore performances on Friday, February 27 at 7:30pm and on Saturday, February 28 at 2:00pm and 7:30pm. Tickets are available onlineor through the ENC Box Office at 617-745-3715.

Note: Based on true experiences and Bible stories with sensitive topics, this show may not be suitable for young children.

The Eastern Nazarene College Theatre Department will present an original play exploring women of the Bible at 7:30 pm on February 19-21 in the Cove Fine Arts Center.

“The Bible Women’s Project” explores the women of the Old and New Testaments as seen through the eyes of female ENC students. Written and directed by Tara Brooke Watkins, the play uses scenes, monologues, dance and song to compare contemporary women’s stories with those of women in the Bible.

“All the contemporary stories in the play are true and all of the dances and songs are completely original,” Watkins said. “The final product has become a story about today’s young Christian women learning about the women from the Bible.”

To create the play, Watkins said, female students met twice a week for four hours at a time to share and discuss stories of women from the Bible. Each woman would read a story, then ask the group questions.

“The woman presenting the Bible story each week shared what she got out of the story personally and what questions it raised for her,” Watkins said. “After the stories were shared, theatre activities were performed as a way to respond to the work, and scenes and sketches were created.”

In some cases, she noted, the play presents Bible stories in a contemporary context: For example, the story of Esther is depicted through a modern-day beauty pageant. Other Bible stories deal with more serious issues.

“Women in the Bible dealt with rape, murder, prostitution and rejection,” said Watkins, who noted that for this reason the play is not recommended for children. “To talk about these issues meant the women had to go into some dark corners and discuss subjects that can be hard to hear. But that’s why they need to be told.”

Each performance will have a talk-back after the show to engage in dialogue and questions with the audience. Tickets for The Bible Women’s Project are $10 general admission, $8 students and seniors. For tickets or more information, call the ENC box office at 617-745-3715 or visit



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