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Students Volunteer for Disaster Relief

Published: December 11, 2012

A team of nine students volunteered their time following finals week to help with Hurricane Sandy disaster relief in the Freeport, NY area. The team is staying from December 10-15 and is partnering with Nazarene Disaster Relief and the Freeport Church of the Nazarene to assist in “mudding out houses” ? cleaning up houses flooded during the hurricane so they can be repaired. ENC faculty and staff donated funds to assist the students in their trip; the college community also contributed a U-Haul of goods last month for the NDR warehouse in Bronx, NY.

Senior Alicia Mahony helps tear down walls

Ronan Storer marks the flood waterline with his hand, showing how high the water was at the height of Sandy’s damage

Ready to start cleaning!

Photos courtesy of Corey MacPherson, Ronan Storer, and Katie Smith



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