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Students Travel for the Summer

Published: May 17, 2011

In addition to the numerous opportunities on campus and in the Boston area, ENC students are able to travel off-campus and experience different areas of the world. This summer, students are traveling all over the Eastern Region in summer ministry teams and traveling internationally for classes, ministries, and volunteer efforts. Check out just some of the great opportunities students (and recent graduates) are having this summer:

A group of students are spending two months this summer doing missions work at various international locations through Youth In Mission.

India Arnold (13) and Yhinan Izzo (13) are traveling to India
Emily Piesco (11) is working in a Creative Access Country
Rebecca Smith (12) is headed to Moldova
Heejung Eom (12) and Ross Quick (12) will spend time in Mexico.
Pat Flint (11) is traveling to Argentina

Other students are traveling internationally for mission trips through other agencies and programs:

Nicole Kessler (11) will be working in South Africa.
Victoria Bolduc (13) will spend time in Kenya.
Shelby Sleger (13) is participating in an internship in Guatemala.
Graham Fehr (11) is traveling to Panama for a summer missions trip.

Some students are traveling internationally as part of a group or class:

•The Chamber Singers are traveling through Scandinavia with Dr. Tim Shetler and Dr. Richard Fish during May as part of the alternate-year international ministry trip. They will minister to churches and groups in Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia.
•Dr. Brady Millican is teaching the general education course Arts and Music in Rome, Italy with a number of students. They have first-hand viewing of some of the most famous works of art and architecture in the world.
•The general education course Epoch Making Events in Science (EMES) is on location this May in the Galapagos Islands, taught by biology professor Dr. Matthew Waterman. The students will see rare and exotic wildlife and travel among volcanic rock formations.
•A group of students are traveling through Greece with English professor Karen Henck touring ancient architecture and locations as well as touring the Greek Islands.

Many students will minister here in America like those traveling on Summer Ministry teams. The teams travel all over the Eastern Region working at Vacation Bible Schools, camps, and ministering to churches and families. Check back soon for team bios, photos and traveling schedules!

Unveiled: Bethany Hawk (13), Michelle Widrick (12), Ryan Robbins (11), Chelsie Maynard (13), Leonard Latouche (13)
Victorious: Misarline Pompilus (13), Arlene Ruiz (11), Joshua Vachon (12), Emily Kessler (13), Cody Sheperd (14)
Restored: Abraham Gutierrez (12), Jenna Scherdell (12), Jenna Schofield (12), Athena Horton (13), Nathan Hamm (14)
Made Complete: Christina Ardrey (11), Ryan Piesco (14), Antionette “Ace” Carradine (12), Jessie Hogan (14), Travis Biggs (13), Mixi Lopez (13)

ENC wishes safe travels and many wonderful experiences to all of our students this summer.

Thank you to the Veritas paper and Anna Cousins (11) for assisting with this article.



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