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Students Recognized at 2013 Honors Chapel

Published: April 24, 2013

Students were recognized for their academic and extracurricular achievements over the year at the annual Honors Chapel on April 24, 2013. Some awards consisted of monetary amounts and others varied from certificates and plaques to gifts to books.

General Superintendents’ Award

Colleen McIntosh, Brent Neely

Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities
Charles Brecht, Katie Clifton, Morgan Goodney, Bethany Hawk, Yhinan Izzo, David Kapolis, John Keller, Jacob LeVasseur, Mixi Lopez, Chelsie Maynard, Seagers Rodrigues, Rebecca Shaw, Austin Steelman, Paige Wetzel, Sarah Wilber

Departmental Awards:

Outstanding Senior – Katie Clifton
Outstanding Freshman – Jared Egler

Outstanding Freshman – Casey Senechal
Outstanding Senior – Mikel Bui

Outstanding Engineering Senior – Michael O’Brien
Outstanding Physics Senior – John Keller

Outstanding Business Student – Rebecca Shaw
Business Faculty Award – Sam Olivera

Social Work
Outstanding Senior – Chelsie Maynard, Sharon Lemire
Honor Society Inductees – McKenzie Reed, Jessica Mather, Alisa Monchamp, Andrea Carlton, Michelle Lombardi, Madison Weeks
Michele L. Alworth Memorial Scholarship – Latesha Chaplic
Grace Murphy Scholarship – Joshua Whitney
Matilda E. Casler Book Scholarship – Madison Weeks

Outstanding Junior – Taylor Kelliher, Cody Shepherd

Communication and Theatre Arts
Outstanding Senior – Becky Malas, Dan LaBossiere
The Betty Blanchard Rice Scholarship – Hilary Sunberg

Outstanding Freshman – Cameron Smith
Outstanding Senior – Rebecca Bodie

Phi Alpha Theta Inductees – Jacob McAuliffe Megan Bourne
Outstanding First Year Student – Doug DeSoto
Outstanding Senior – Austin Steelman

Psychology and Crime, Law and Justice
Underclassman Recognition – Psychology – Latesha Chaplic, Madeline McDonough
W. Harold Clemens Scholarship – Kayleigh Schumske
C.A.P.S. Award – Victoria Bolduc
Outstanding Senior in Psychology – Morgan Goodney
Outstanding Senior in Crime, Law and Justice – Mixi Lopez
Underclassman Recognition – Crime, Law and Justice – Doug English, Amelia Gonzalez

Nielson Pastoral Ministry Award – Chelsie Maynard
Outstanding Sophomore Award – Spencer Shaw
Outstanding Senior Award – Chelsie Maynard

General Education – ENC Achievement Scholarships for Excellence
Freshmen – Joshua Lojzim, Karina Libertine
Sophomores – Gerald McCarthy, Leah Anderson
Juniors – Kenny White, Juanita Brown

Additional Honors and Awards:

ENC Alumni Association Senior of the Year Finalists
Chelsie Maynard, Antionette “Ace” Carradine
Austin Steelman, Jacob LeVasseur

Alumni Leadership Scholarships
Paul E. Williams Scholarship – Steven Rodriguez
Merritt Mann Leadership Scholarship – Brenna Campbell

Audrey Ward Staff Scholarship for Service
Katherine Rivera

Honors Society Inductees
Chelsie Maynard, Katie Clifton, Rebecca Shaw, John Keller, Austin Steelman, Kyle DiCamillo, Charles Brecht, Timothy Lutz, Wesley Paul

Recognition of Phi Delta Honor Society
Julianne Atwater, Michael Bechard, Megan Bemis, Travis Biggs, Elizabeth Blanchette, Victoria Bolduc, Maegan Bourne, Daniel Cantrell, Renee Carpenter, Raymond Cheung, Jessica Davis, Kyle DiCamillo, Sarah Drake, Payne Ford, Bethany Fugate, Morgan Goodney. Nathan Hamm, Jessica Herrera, Charles Holt, Betsy James, Matthew Jayne, Gina LaCasse, Chelsie Maynard, Jacob McAuliffe, Madeline McDonough, Kristie McLain, Jason Oakes, Emily Poutré, Ryan Racette, Kayleigh Schumske, Rebecca Shaw, Stephen Shenouda, Sarah Shute, Jerome Sinanan, Sam Son, Austin Steelman, Amy Wetzel, Paige Wetzel, Nathan Wilson, Edward Yee

Silent Servers
Student – Andrew Littauer
Staff/Faculty – Dr. Vern Wesley, Vice President for Student Development

Yearbook Dedication
Dr. Phil LaFountain (Religion/Philosophy)

Chi Sigma Alpha Honor Society – National College Athlete Honor Society
Updated April 30, 2013
Women’s Tennis: Juju Atwater, Samantha Jones, Kelsey Waddle
Women’s Soccer: Erin Daley, Abby Spitler
Men’s Soccer: Jong Chan Lee, Ryan Piesco
Men’s Tennis: Tim Luz, Nick Thompson
Men’s Cross Country: Michael O’Brien, Joshua Whitney
Baseball: Matt Jayne
Softball: Abigail Moore
Women’s Cross Country: Heather Pardi
Volleyball: Leann Williams
Full Story on ENC Athletics

Graduate School Acceptances – As of April 24, 2013
A list of students accepted to graduate schools. If the student made a decision to attend, it is noted next to the school.

Austin Steelman, History and Physics
Harvard University School of Law – Attending

Matthew Nieto, Movement Arts
Lasell College, Master of Science in Sport Management Program with a Sport Hospitality Management Concentration – Attending

Carissa Schutz (10), English
Boston University, M.Ed. in TESOL with 5-12 certification – Attending

Morgan Goodney, Psychology and Crime, Law and Justice
The New School for Social Research, Masters in General Psychology

Mixi Lopez, Psychology and Criminal Justice
Boston University, Masters in Clinical Social Work
Boston College, Masters in Social Work – Attending
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, Masters in School Psychology

David Kapolis, Psychology
Eastern Nazarene College, Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy – Attending

Alicia Mahoney, Psychology and Criminal Justice
Boston University, Masters in Social Work
Chicago School of Professional Psychology – Attending

Sophia Shenouda, Psychology and Criminal Justice
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, Masters in Counseling – Attending

Sarah Wilbur, Psychology and Criminal Justice
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Masters in Forensic Psychology – Attending

Paige Wetzel, Religion
Duke Divinity School, Master of Divinity
Candler School of Theology at Emory University, Master of Divinity
Vanderbilt Divinity School, Master of Divinity – Attending

Chelsie Maynard, Religion and Social Work
Nazarene Theological Seminary, Master of Divinity – Attending

Andrew Jones, Religion
Nazarene Theological Seminary, Master of Divinity – Attending

John Keller, Physics and Math
Accepted with full funding
Northeastern University, PhD in Physics (full funding) – Attending
University of New Hampshire, PhD in Physics (full funding)

Michael O’Brien, Engineering and Physics
Northeastern University – Attending

Kyle DiCamillo, Physics and Engineering
Georgetown University, PhD in Physics (full funding)

Note: Please contact Sarah Good at with any name or information corrections.


Dr. Marianna Krejci-Papa (Language, Theater, Communication Arts) presents awards to juniors Cody Shepherd and Taylor Kelliher.


Dr. Lowell Hall (Chemistry) proudly awards freshman Casey Senechal the CRC Handbook in Chemistry for her outstanding work in classes and labs.


Faculty and students from the Psychology and Crime, Law, and Justice Department present to Dr. Dick Fish who is retiring after 42 years of teaching. Dr. Lowell Hall and Dr. Brady Millican are also retiring.



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