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Staff and Faculty Honored at Awards Dinner

Published: May 4, 2010

Over a dozen ENC faculty and staff members were honored at this year’s Faculty and Staff dinner, held in the Commons on May 3rd.

Three were honored for professional achievements: Dr. Stacy Barker, Chair of the Department of Social Work, Dr. Randall Stephens, Chair of the History Department, and Anna Brecke, Director of the Center for Academic Services.

Dr. Stacey Barker was honored for her work in leading the Social Work department through its reaccreditation process by the Council on Social Work education and presentation of a paper entitled “The Spirituality of the Social Worker: A Grounded Theory Studyat the annual conference of the North American Association of Christians in Social Work in Indianapolis. Dr. Barker was also recently chosen to sit on the Editorial Board of the Social Work and Christianity journal, asked to create an in-depth outline for the development of an on-line course on spirituality and the older adult population by the Institute for Geriatric Social Work at Boston University and is the lead investigator in An In-Depth Examination of the Experience of Christian Students in Social Work Education sponsored by the North American Association of Christians in Social Work. Dr. Barker is also involved at ENC and leads campus initiatives such as Go Green, the Multicultural Affairs Committee and the Center for Justice and Responsibility.

Dr. Randall Stephens was honored for his participation in Boston area history conferences and presentations, the success of his book, The Fire Spreads, which won the Wesleyan Theological Society’s Timothy L. Smith and Mildred Bangs Wynkoop book award and being named Associate Editor for the Fides et Historia journal and Editor of Historically Speaking. Dr. Stephens edited the book Recent Trends in American Religious History: Historians in Conversation, wrote book reviews for the Journal of Southern History and the Journal of American History, and wrote a review essay, “Devout Racism”, for Christian Century in March of 2009. Dr. Stephens is highly involved in academic publishings and organizing historical discussions and lectures. The History News Network named him a “Top Young Historian” in 2008 and awarded his blog, “The Historical Society”, the Cliopatria Best Series of Posts for 2009.

Anna Brecke was honored for her essay “Time Travel, Chronology, and Narrative Flow in Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles”. Brecke’s essay was accepted for publication by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in the collection Americanization of History: Conflation of Time and Culture in Film and Television. Brecke has also presented papers at the Pacific Rim Conference on Literature and Rhetoric, as well as at the Institute of English Studies, at the University of London.

Teaching Excellence awards were given to Dr. Mariana Krejci-Papa of the English Department, Dr. Bill Driscoll of the Business Department and Dr. Bill Malas, chair of the Religion and Philosophy Department.

An Administrative Faculty award was given to Margaret Ballard, Registrar, and Staff Appreciation awards were given to Linda Pestilli, secretary for Music and Communication Arts, Eric Clark, Assistant Director of Academic Services, and Nancy Messier from LEAD.

A “Travels with Charlie” award is given for years of full-time service and commitment to the mission of ENC. Recipients this year were Graphic Designer Susan Ramey and Physics professor Karl Giberson.

Ten Staff and Faculty members were honored for five years of service to the college, including President McGee, with five members honored for 20 to 30 years of service. Michael Ballard, Chair of Communication and Theater Arts, and Carolyn Morse of Athletics have given 20 years, Yvonne Christensen of the Registrar’s office and James Cook of Finance have given 25 years, and LeRoy Hammerstrom, Math professor, has given 30 years of service to ENC.

Anne Patch, who will retire at the end of the year, was honored for her 27 years at Kinderhaus, ENC’s campus preschool, She has also served as co-director, giving tours to visiting families and helping to increase enrollment.



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