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Spring Semester 2021

Spring 2021 Declaration

In preparation for our spring semester, we are requesting that ENC students complete and submit a Declaration Form to provide us with valuable information regarding your intentions.

As was true this fall, our spring classes will be available to students in a combination of online and classroom modes. Because of this, the declaration form will allow for students to decide whether they prefer to attend classes here in Quincy or from their own homes.

Declaration Form

Updated COVID-19 Parameters

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 over the break, you will need to provide documentation to ENC Health Services of the positive COVID-19 test as well as documentation from your doctor, clearing you to return to campus and resume in-person learning. If you are a student athlete who tested positive for COVID over the break, you will also need a statement from your doctor that you are cleared to play sports. Please fax your documentation to the Health Services office at 617-745-3928 or email to

Flu Vaccine Update

While the state of Massachusetts has lifted the compulsory requirement for the influenza vaccine, the Department of Public Health and ENC still strongly recommend that all students get a flu shot.

How To Submit Flu Vaccination Documentation

  • Bring flu vaccination documentation to The Brickley Center during business hours, calling ahead is advised.
  • Send a clear copy of your documentation via email to Patsy Malas, Director of Health Services at
  • Send your documentation by first-class mail or fax to:

The Brickley Center – ENC Health Services
ATTN: Patsy Malas, Director of Health Services
23 East Elm Avenue Quincy, MA 02170
Fax: 617-745-3928

Options for Flu Vaccination Near Campus

  • CVS Pharmacy 42 Beale Street Quincy, MA (617) 471-745 – (easy walking distance from campus)
  • Walgreens 324 Hancock Street Quincy, MA (617) 471-0517
  • Stop and Shop Pharmacy 495 Southern Artery Quincy, MA (617) 471-6707

So Many Ways To Get Started

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23 East Elm Avenue, Quincy, MA 02170 (617) 745-3000

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