FUSION  (The molding of two entities into one cohesive unit.) This program is designed to challenge a student’s approach to cross-cultural experiences. Students will be asked to wrestle with issues they are rarely exposed to and interact in a culture different from their own. The program is structured and designed to nurture the student’s prophetic imagination. This is one that compels individuals to critically challenge systematic structures and communicate God’s hope for restoration.


Many times we miss the opportunity to connect with our city in missional ways. Major cities across the United States are hubs for violence, drug abuse and exploitation and Boston is no exception. On this trip, students will explore the intersectionality of addiction, gender-based violence and trafficking. Students will learn about the continuum of human exploitation and trafficking, and the ways in which each of us plays a part in contributing to or ending human trafficking. This group will engage with those working on the frontlines of these issues in the Greater Boston Area.

Students with interest in social work, psychology, crime, law & justice or ministry should consider this team. Anyone that is enrolled in the human trafficking course in the Spring semester will be given priority placement.

During the United States civil rights movement, everyday American, many of whom were college students, challenged their government and communities to live up to their promises of equality and justice. This trip will explore essential initiatives that demonstrate the role of civic participation in a democratic society, the power of non-violence in the American Civil Rights movement, the planning and strategizing that empowered participants of the movement, and the tensions between federal, state and local control. Students will visit key historical sites in Memphis, Jackson, New Orleans, Montgomery, Selma, Birmingham and Atlanta that were important in the struggle for civil rights for African Americans.

Students with interest in social justice, history and civil rights should consider this team.

This past August was full of reports of shocking weather. With rainfall topping 50 inches in one week, Hurricane Harvey devastated significant areas of Texas stretching from Houston to Louisiana. Tens of thousands of people were moved to shelters as their homes were destroyed. Many are looking at over a year before homes are fully repaired. This team will work with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries and pastors on the South Texas District to remodel the homes of those in the communities of Lake Jackson, TX and the surrounding towns.

How does the church respond to the overwhelming needs of children at risk around the world? We will interact with experts in this field who are teaching and leading this work in the Philippines and around the world, some of whom were child laborers themselves. We will visit centers to interact with the children in these programs.  We will also connect with some of the other work in the fields of human trafficking and HIV/ AIDS intervention that the church in the Philippines is addressing in practical ways.

Manila is also a communication hub for the Church of the Nazarene where writers, videographers, and photographers work together to discover stories which are gathered and then shared across the globe. We will visit their workspace on the campus of our sister school in Manila and learn how they pull these stories together. Students with interest in mass communication, children at risk, ministry, issues of justice and intercultural studies should consider this team.


NDOLA, ZAMBIA (May 18th-30th, 2018)
Jubilee Centre is an organization equipping and serving pastors, professionals, missionaries and Christian leaders to bring about change in the moral, economical, and political transformation of Zambia. The Centre emphasizes both reflection and implementation, investing in and inspiring clergy and church members, scholars and Christian activists, politicians and private business professionals. Students will partner with Jubilee Centre in running a soccer ministry, a counseling psychology conference, feeding programs, bible studies, psycho-educational seminars and providing care packages for volunteers.

Students with interest in soccer, psychology, ministry, music and intercultural studies should consider this team.

NAIROBI, KENYA (May 7th-28th, 2018)
This travel course in Missions will allow students to explore peace making and gender based violence initiative in the church and society. ENC students will be learning alongside Africa Nazarene University (ANU) students. Students will participate in a two-week experiential course which will include visits to peace initiatives in Nairobi. During week three, students will travel to the Kakuma refugee camp in Northern Kenya. In partnership with the non-profit, Servant Forge, students will learn projects that challenge gender based violence and that foster community development.

For more information contact Emily Ludwig, Assistant Chaplain for Spiritual Formation or stop by Angell Hall Room 22.