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Book Study # 1 = Leader, Rev. Jeffrey Barker, Associate Professor of Practical Theology
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Phone Conference Call – Monday’s: Sept. 24, Oct. 1, 15, 22, 29 @ 4:00PM

Pastoral Care in Context: An Introduction to Pastoral Care by John Patton; Westminster John Knox Press; Reprint Ed. (Feb 2005); ISBN 0-664-22994-8


“John Patton demonstrates that pastoral care is a ministry of the church. He focuses on the community of faith as an authorizer and source of care and upon the relationship between the pastor and the caring community.

Patton identifies and compares three paradigms of pastoral care: the classical, which conveys the message of God who caringly creates human beings for relationship and continues to care by hearing and remembering them; the clinical pastoral, which emphasizes experiential and reflective participation in caring relationships as an ideal way to learn about caregiving for self and others; and the communal contextual, which emphasizes the caring community and the various contexts for care rather than focusing upon pastoral care as the work of the ordained pastor.”