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Science Alumni Panel Join 2014 Homecoming Events

Published: October 2, 2014


The ENC Honors Programand the ENC chapter of the Phi Delta Lambda Honor Societyare sponsoring a Physics-Engineering-Mathematics Alumni Panel Discussion on Friday, October 17 as part of the college’s Homecoming festivities. The panel will be held from 2:30pm-4:00pm in the Ruth Cameron Auditorium.

Featured Alumni

James A. Cameron (1974, Physics): served as a principal scientist at The MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit systems engineering corporation which runs Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) for the federal government, until his recent retirement, after 31 years. He continues to work part-time assessing the nuclear radiation hardness of a SATCOM terminal. For much of his career he specialized in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), especially for the AWACS system. Prior to the AWACS work, he worked primarily on nuclear survivability for command and control systems for the Minuteman system. After his undergraduate career at ENC, he earned a PhD in Physics at Brown University.

Travis Pape
(1988, Physics):Lead Developer/CSO with Velocomp LLC,, which designs and sells the Newton power meter for tracking cycling performance. He leans heavily on hisphysics training in designing the algorithms for making the product more accurate and easier to use. I also develop the PC/Mac software used for downloading and analyzing ride files.This year Travisadded a “day job:” Senior Software Engineering at UTC Aerospace working for the Integrated Sensors and Systems group. Hedevelops software for automating testing of smoke, heat, fire detection and fire suppression equipment manufactured for Boeing, Airbus, and almost all of the other aircraft manufacturers.

Paul Wilson (1994, Engineering and Physics):Software Engineering Manager for Mission Applications Development atLockheed Martin, where he has workedfor 17 years. He isProduct Manager for the Realtime and Front End Processor teams, whichintegratesand develops software for realtime applications and provides the front-end processors through which our products interface with mission equipment.

Jonathan S. Anderson (1998: Math):Principal Software and Systems Engineer at The MITRE Corporation. Currently, he isserving as the system design lead for a space situational awareness and command and control system. He hasbeen withMITRE for 16 years, contributing to research, development, system design, implementation, and system acquisition for the FAA, USAF, US Navy, Dept of Defense, IRS, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

David Constantine (2004: Math): Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Wesleyan University. He isbeginning histhird year at Wesleyan, after graduate work at the University of Michigan and a postdoc at the University of Chicago. Hesplits histime between research (on geometry and dynamics) and teaching.

Austin Steelman (2013: Physics/History): Second-yearstudent at Harvard Law School. Hewill be doing a summer internship in Intellectual Property litigation at a firm in Bostonand probably starting there in fall 2016.



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