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Ross Quick Summer Internship

Published: April 27, 2012

Ross Quick (2012) is a Senior Chemistry Major at ENC from Fort Wayne, Indiana. While at ENC, he has been a part of the Symphonic Winds, Little Women Musical orchestra, Gospel Choir, Honor’s Council, Shrader Club, has participated in Youth in Mission, done summer research with Professor Williams, and has worked as a General Chemistry SI leader and Intro to Plants and Animals TA.

Quick entered ENC as a Bio-Chem major, but realized he simply loved chemistry. In his sophomore year he changed his major to Chemistry.

In the summer of 2010, after an internet search for research opportunities near his home, Quick was accepted at Methodist Research Institute at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, IN. He worked under Dr. Maria Teresa Rizzo, a medical doctor doing full time medical research on signal transduction. Quick focused on elucidating pathways responsible for angiogenesis (process by which new blood vessels come from pre-existing ones) in the brain endothelial tissue. Using live tissue samples, he performed various assays to determine the response to the chemical signal prostaglandin-E2 and the proteins responsible for angiogenic behavior in the cells.

Quick encourages other students to not be ashamed to take an unpopular research job, “Do anything you can to get experience. If you are interested in an internship, start early and apply to three times as many as you think you need. Do anything in the year to show you are interested in a specific kind of research and that you have the skills needed.”

As Quick prepares to graduate this Spring he says, “Do not underestimate the education or opportunities you get here… It has prepared me well for anything I plan on doing in the future.”
After being accepted for a couple different Ph.D. and Med programs, he has decided to attend Indiana University for their Chemistry Ph.D. program.



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