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Remembering Haiti

Published: January 14, 2011

One year after the devastating earthquake rocked the country of Haiti, the ENC community gathered in the first chapel of the spring semester to remember the tragedy with a prayer service. An offering was taken for the Haiti Water Project, which provides fresh water wells and employment to the people of Haiti. The service was full of reverence and memory, but it was not somber.

Senior Lionel Latouche and a team of Haitian-American students lead worship and prayer with a mix of slow songs with upbeat music, complete with clapping and dancing.

“Us Haitians know that regardless of what happens, there is a God who gives us hope, and we celebrate that,” Latouche told the community.

Speaker Samuel Jean (92), a business development and legal consultant, spoke to the students with fond memories of ENC. He recalled his professors and his academic education, but also highlighted the spiritual formation and guidance he received as a student that prepared him to move into the world.

Jean described the scene in Haiti when he went to help recovery efforts shortly after the earthquake hit. “I saw things I wish I didn’t see.” But he was encouraged working side-by-side with people of different faiths, backgrounds, nationalities and languages, united with a common purpose of helping those who needed aid.

Students left the chapel encouraged to make a difference. Jean referenced Matthew 25 regarding “the least of these” and emphasized putting feet on the ground to help others in the world. “It may not be Haiti,” Jean said. “It may be the homeless shelter down the street or in your community. Your classmate here at school may need encouragement or a friend.”

Jean emphasized that a school like ENC is “safe” and the outside world can be scary. But he encouraged students to learn as much as they can in order to go and make a difference after graduation.

“The world needs people like you to engage it.”


Haitian-American students lead worship



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