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The President’s Task Force on Racial Justice

The President’s Task Force on Racial Justice

Looking honestly at ourselves and making sure the practices of our campus community align with the biblical call to justice for all of God’s children.

As we continue to grieve the killing of George Floyd and the systemic racism that plagues our nation and our world, we also acknowledge our need to take tangible steps to bring about needed change. The institutional statements, peaceful protests, prayer vigils, and honest conversations of the last few weeks have been an important means of raising awareness, advancing understanding, and deepening our resolve for racial justice. But we cannot stop here. We must not be content with words and intentions alone. We as a college now need to do the hard work of looking honestly at ourselves and making sure the practices of our campus community align with the biblical call to justice for all of God’s children. (June 2020)

The Charge

Although we as a College take understandable pride in our racial diversity, we know from conversations with our students and alumni of color that we have work to do. Our policies and practices do not fully embody God’s call to extend love and justice to all of our brothers and sisters. The mandate of the Presidential Task Force on Racial Justice is to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the structures, policies, and cultural climate of ENC and recommend concrete ways in which we can improve. I invite the Task Force to look at such areas as curriculum, academic policies, student life, athletics, chapel, employment, alumni relations, recruitment and retention, and governance structures. No area of the College is off-limits to their inquiry.

ENC President Dr. Jack Connell

Presidential Task Force on Racial Justice Chair

Robert Benjamin

Associate Vice President for Multicultural Affairs and Dean of Students

Presidential Task Force on Racial Justice Core Team

The Entire Student Body

Priscilla Brinson-Thompson ‘21
Current Student

Trina Bryant
Director of the Center for Student Enrichment

Julia Cuthbert ‘22
Current Student

Wayne Elliot, Jr.
Executive Director – Market Director Consumer Banking
Member of the ENC Board of Trustees

Natara Gray
Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Diversity Outreach


Money Hamilton ‘21
Current Student

Kristen Johnson ‘05
Assistant Counsel at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Member of the ENC Board of Trustees

Jeff Kirksey
Vice President for Student Development and Campus Services

Sacha Santimano
Instructor and Assistant AD for Student-Athlete Academic Services
Women’s Basketball Coach

I’Esha Thomas ’00
School Counselor
Member of the ENC Alumni Association

Brad Thorne ‘82
Director of Brickley Center

Sam Vassel
District Superintendent of the Metro New York
Member of the ENC Board of Trustees

Matt Waterman ‘93
Professor of Biology and Associate Dean for Academic Policy

Tara Brooke Watkins ‘02
Assistant Professor of Theater for Social Justice

Kyung Yu
Pastor of Reading Korean Church of the Nazarene
Member of the ENC Board of Trustees

Our Approach

Four Phases of Our Work Together

1. Planning

The Task Force will determine the strategy to complete the charge of the President.

2. Information Gathering

Based on the established strategy, the Task Force will be gathering information from various sources identified.

3. Assessment

The Task Force will analyze the data gathered.

4. The Way Forward

The Task Force will develop recommendations to submit to the President.

Teams and Focuses

Data Collection Team

Focus: collect quantitative data from the appropriate places on campus

Qualitative Data Collection Team

Focus: host story circles – gather information on student, alumni, staff and faculty experiences

Outreach Team

Focus: reach out to constituents and provide means for feedback

Community Standards Team

Focus: survey the current standards current departments, offices, divisions hold themselves to relative to diversity and inclusion

Transparency Team

Focus: responsible for keeping ENC’s constituency updated on the work of the President’s Task Force on Racial Justice

The Task Force is always seeking feedback from the entire community


Updates as of December 10, 2020

The President’s Task Force on Racial Justice (PTFRJ) has met five times. The various teams have been meeting in addition. The following has occurred:

The Data Team has mapped out it’s plan and has been working with Institutional Research.

The Qualitative Data Team is collecting through story circles and individual interviews. Story circles are where participants share their experiences at ENC in a facilitated group setting. Tara Brooke Watkins and her team have been conducting sessions every Wednesday and Sunday evenings for the past few weeks. Participants have included current students, alumni and previous employees of color. Future participants will include current staff and faculty.

The Community Standards Team is reviewing the campus’ standards of Inclusion and Equity – stated, implied and practiced by departments. The team is preparing survey materials to ascertain where our community lies in this area.

The Community Outreach Team is also preparing survey materials for distribution for those that are friends of ENC. Their goal is to ascertain the some of the stories, the legacy – especially that of community of color that has contributed to the current community climate.

The Transparency Team is responsible for this web page. Our goal is to keep the ENC updated as to the work of the PTFRJ.

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