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Prospective Candidates for Biology Faculty Position Visit Campus

Published: May 11, 2012

In an attempt to select a new professor to fill the spot of the respected and appreciated Professor Robich, the Department of Biology has been hosting a series of seminars for potential candidates. Students are encouraged to attend the seminars and interact with the candidates in order to help decide who will join ENC teaching community.

On January 30, the Department hosted Dr. Young Bae Kim. Dr. Kim’s seminar was entitled “Identification of STAT3 pathway modulators through functional genomics approaches.”

Dr. Young Bae Kim is currently an adjunct professor in biology at Emmanuel College, and works for a diagnostics manufacturing company in New Jersey. He has received his BS in Agronomy as well as his M.S. in Microbiology, both from Seoul National University. He received his Ph.D. from The University of Tokyo in Molecular Biotechnology. Dr. Kim is a former Bostonian, who is interested in mentoring young scientists.

On February 6, Dr. Ross Tubo visited campus to meet with faculty and students. Dr. Tubo presented a seminar on his research entitled “Cell Therapy Research: From Tissue Repair to Development of Targeted Strategies for Treatment of Disease.”

Dr. Tubo has worked as a Vice President of Stem Cell and Chemokine Biology, Senior Director of Stem Cell Biology and Director of Orthopedic Research. He received his B.S. from Eastern Nazarene College, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from SUNY at Buffalo.

On February 13, the Biology Department will host Dr. Qing Lu. She will be presenting a seminar on her research entitled “Does Cigarette Smoke Eat Our Lungs and Weaken Our Heart?”.

Dr. Qing Lu has worked in the Vascular Research Lab at Brown Medical School before becoming Assistant Professor of Medicine (Research). Her research focuses on developing advanced treatments for veterinary diseases. She received her D.V.M. from Anhui College of Agriculture and Technology, her M.S. in Biochemistry from Nanjing Agriculture University and her Ph.D. in Physiology and Reproductive Biology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Visiting campus on February 27th will be Dr. Julianna LeMieux. She will be presenting a seminar on her research entitled “Should I Stay or Should I Go? A Study of C. elegant Behavioral Avoidance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.”

Dr. Julianna LeMieux is finishing her third year of postdoctoral studies at MIT, researching the microbial products produced after interaction with a nematode host. She received her B.S. in Microbiology from the University of New Hampshire, and Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular Biology from Tufts University Medical School.



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