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Professor publishes new book on The Language of Science and Faith

Published: March 21, 2011

Is evolution compatible with religion? How can God allow evil? And is life on Earth possible only because it is “fine-tuned” by the laws of physics?

These were a few of the questions posed at ENC last week at a special reception held on campus to mark the publication of Prof. Karl Giberson’s latest book, The Language of Science and Faith: Straight Answers to Genuine Questions. Held March 18 in the Mann Student Center Auditorium, the reception featured Giberson reading excerpts from the book, which was co-written by Francis Collins, head of the National Institutes of Health and director of the Human Genome Project.

The book, like many of Giberson’s previous books and articles, addresses some of the common questions people have about evolution, creation, the Bible, and science.

“We tried to take the kinds of questions people are most likely to have ?and answer them,” Giberson said, prompting a few chuckles from the audience. “I’m not trying to convince atheists to accept God; I’m seeking to assist evangelicals in wrestling with questions.”

To that end, the event also featured a question and answer session, with attendees discussing science, religion and the debate the two topics often engender. During the discussion, Giberson noted that he had been teaching an ENC engineering class many years ago and grew tired of it. He decided to teach the general education course Epoch Making Events in Science and started participating in discussions about science and religion.

“I wanted to show students that they could appreciate science as God’s gift,” said Giberson, noting that many of his ENC students remind him of himself.

“They are people,” he said, “who have a curiosity for science as well as a faith that is precious to them.”

Published by Intervarsity Press, The Language of Science and Faith is available online and in major book retail stores.




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