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Health and Safety

For the Health and Safety of our entire community, students and every member of the ENC Community will be asked to:

Protect yourself

  1. Each residential student will be tested for COVID-19 at least four times during the fall semester.
  2. Monitor your health daily and report any COVID-19 symptoms to campus Health Services.
  3. All students will be required to successfully complete training for social distancing and personal hygiene protocols.
  4. Should any student become infected with COVID-19, the College will enact particular protocols. For example, the student would be able to go home with an appropriate transportation plan, or be moved to a designated room.  Systems are in place for monitoring, meal deliveries, remote class attendance (if able), etc.

Love your Neighbor

  1. Wear face coverings at all times except for in your dorm room by yourself or with roommates.
  2. Practice social distancing in classrooms, the cafeteria and other group gatherings.
  3. Stay at home, or in your residence hall room if you feel ill, have a fever or have been exposed to someone with the virus. Contact Health Services.
  4. Pay attention to the needs of others and take the necessary precautions to help them feel safe and comfortable.

Care for Our Community

  1. Keep your room or office, belongings and common spaces clean and sanitized.
  2. Follow-up on campus instructions or protocols designed to keep our community safe and healthy.
  3. Limit nonessential travel for the duration of the fall 2020 semester.

Cleaning Protocols

ENC Facilities Team is working diligently on our campus-wide layout plan in compliance with the CDC and Board of Health guidelines. Appropriate signage, markings, sanitation and cleaning requirements are scheduled to make the campus ready to receive students for the fall semester. In house cleaning staff and certified contractors will be cleaning and sanitizing all classrooms and common areas. Our campus will be as safe as possible in this new normal. As the governor and local board of health issues guidelines to follow within the different phases of reopening, ENC Facilities Team will be mirroring and implementing these guidelines throughout campus. Feel free to reach out to Jed Hannon, Director of Facilities, with any questions at or (617) 745-3581.

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