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Fall Reopening FAQs

Campus Life


Q: What will be the policy on face coverings?

A: We will be requiring face coverings on campus unless you are in your resident room with your roommate with the door is closed or eating a meal social distanced outside or in the dining hall. We are working to provide at least one branded face covering to all students and employees, but we encourage you to have more than one face covering as best practice is to change face coverings daily and clean in between uses. All public spaces in MA require face coverings, including entering a building or picking up food.


Q: What will sanitization of spaces look like?

A: Hand sanitizing dispensers and disinfectant wipes will be available throughout campus. Common use areas will be addressed frequently.


Q: What are the plans to protect students in shared bathroom spaces?

A: All residential hall bathrooms will be fully cleaned twice daily with some traffic flow measures in place to ensure that people can maintain distance. There will also be disinfectant and sanitation wipes on hand to use at your discretion.


Q: What if I test positive upon initial arrival? (First test)

A: You will have the option to either return home or be placed in an isolation room on campus. Meals will be delivered, and laundry service will be provided.


Q: What will COVID testing look like during the semester?

A: We will be requiring surveillance testing, upon arrival and then periodically throughout the semester, for all residential students. Students with symptoms will be required to see a doctor to determine if testing is necessary. Symptomatic testing will not be done on campus.


Q: What happens if I test positive at any point during the semester?

A: We will be taking care of you as you are placed into isolation. All laundry and food* service will be provided for you at no additional cost.

*Students not on a meal plan will be assessed a nominal fee for food service delivery to cover College costs.


Q: What will open dorm hours look like?

A: In order to minimize exposure, access to halls will look different. People who live in the same residential building can visit their friends on other floors (where additional card access is not necessary) with distancing and face coverings, but you will not have access to a residential building that you do not live in other than our shared common lounges that will still be open.


Q: What will travelling on and off campus look like for residential students?

A: You are free to leave campus during the day, but use precaution. Throughout the state of MA, physical distancing, hygiene and face coverings are required. If you are leaving campus overnight, you will need to let us know when you will be travelling and where, by submitting a form to residential life. As long as the travel order is in place, we are strongly discouraging people to travel outside of the region unnecessarily. If you must travel out of region then there will be a re-entry process that we will need to work through with you. You will need to follow the state orders for testing or quarantine off campus when you return. All of these measures are in place to mitigate exposure and ensure accurate contact tracing should a member of the community test positive.


Q: What about chapel?

A: Chapel will continue in person once a week on Wednesday, but will also be available virtually due to limited capacity of the church. Chapel requirements will be less with more ways to earn them.


Q: What about access to the gym and weight room?

A: There will be some access, but it will be extremely limited due to distancing and cleaning regiments. The weight room facility will be one of the last common spaces to open up, but we are looking into activities that could happen safely in the gym.


Q: Will clubs be able to meet in person and use common spaces?

A: Yes, as long as you are meeting in spaces where you can be socially distant within capacity requirements. You will also still be required to wear masks and wipe down spaces.


Q: What will it look like in the dining hall?

A: The dining hall will be open and serving meals. You will have the option to dine in with distancing or take out. No meals will be self-service.


Q: What will library access look like?

A: It will be open to ENC community members only with masks and distancing measures in place and disinfectant wipes available at the door.


Q: How likely is it that we will have to leave quickly in the semester again and what would that look like?

A: Be flexible and be prepared. This is part of the call to pack light as we cannot fully predict what the semester will look like. We hope we will not have to do this, but there are no guarantees. Please be sure that any transportation tickets you purchase are either refundable or transferrable.


Q: What will move out look like in November?

A: Classes end on Nov 24th and students will be expected to be out of the residence halls within 24 hrs of your last class. Finals will happen virtually the following week. There will be an application process for some limited housing that will be available for those who have to stay on campus through finals. Winter break will begin December 4 and go through January with Spring classes starting on Feb 1st looking forward to a mid-May semester finish.


Pre-Arrival/Move In


Q: Will parents be able to assist students as they move into resident halls?

A:  In order to promote as safe of a living environment as possible for our students, only residents will be permitted access to their assigned residential hall. We have always taken great pride in moving new students into their new college home and allowing families and friends the opportunity to help settle their students in. While we understand how allowing parents and families to help move-in their student is important to the whole family’s transition to college, the heightened risk of exposing students’ living spaces to health concerns brought on by an influx of visitors has brought us to the hard but prudent decision of limiting residence hall access to residential students only. Parents and families that are in compliance with the Massachusetts Travel Order are welcome to come to campus to see their student off but will not be able to access the residential living spaces. Thank you for your understanding as we work to make our living spaces as conducive to good student health as possible.


Q: Where do I go if I have questions on getting cleared?

A: You must have your clearance certificate before arriving to campus!


Q: Where will I receive my clearance certificate once I am finished?

A: Your student email.


Q: Can I pick the day/time for my testing assignment?

A: You may send us your preference and we will work to make that possible, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will get your first choice.


Q: What if I am a late arrival?

A: We will work with you on an individual basis. You will need to get tested on one of the routine surveillance days. If you arrive on a non-testing day, you will need to stay in a local hotel until the day of your testing assignment.


Academic Life & Course Delivery


Q: What safety measures are being taken in the classroom?

A: All students and faculty are required to wear masks while in the classroom. Social distancing, capacity levels, and seating charts will be implemented. Classrooms will be sanitized in between each use.


Q: Are all courses available online?

A: With a limited number of exceptions, it will be possible to attend classes remotely online. There will also be a limited number of classes that meet exclusively online. Please contact your advisor or specific course instructors with any questions.


Q: How will I receive my textbooks if I am staying home?

A: The Tree of Life Textbook Butler program will allow books to be mailed directly to you. You will need to complete the student declaration form noting that you will attend remotely and confirm your mailing address through the form. Books will be shipped in late August to you from Tree of Life. You will receive an email notification from Tree of Life when your books are packed, and you can track the shipment via the Textbook Portal at by logging in with your ENC NetID. Instructions for course drops, adds, and book return at the end of the semester is available in the Textbook Portal.


Q: How will attending classes virtually work when I live in a different time zone?

A: Students who live in different time zones are welcome to reach out to individual instructors to inquire about the attendance policies relevant to their classes. In some cases, it may be possible for the instructor to provide an asynchronous mode of accessing the course content, allowing students to complete the work at a different time. In other cases, the design of the course will not allow for this, and synchronous attendance will be a requirement for the course. If a student feels that they cannot meet the requirements of a particular class related to attendance, they should contact their academic advisor to identify an appropriate alternative.


Q: Can I change my mind about the method of delivery I have chosen for the semester?

A: We will work with any student who wishes to transition to online courses at any point during the semester. Depending on the timing of that decision, there may be complications related to textbook delivery, housing, and/or billing, so any student who wishes to make a change will need to communicate effectively with the appropriate offices about their needs. At a minimum, communication should be initiated with the campus housing staff ( and the Office of the Registrar (  If a student chooses to leave mid-semester, we would follow our normal housing and meal refund policy (which can be found in the college catalog).



First week – 100%

2nd week – 75%

3rd or 4th week – 50%

After the 4th week – 0%



Refund for unused board will be made on the basis of the number of weeks the student attended.  No refunds for board will be made for a portion of the week.


Moving onto campus after move-in may be requested, but may or may not be possible depending on the situation at the time of the request.


Financial Aid/Student Billing


Q: Will I be expected to pay for room and board if I decide to take classes remotely?

A: No, you will not be charged, but tuition and fee charges will remain consistent either way.


Q: Will my financial aid change if I decide to do classes remotely?

A: No, as long as you remain full time, your financial aid will not change. However, there are a few students who receive a housing grant, so if you are not living on campus that grant will not apply.


Q: Where can I direct financial questions?

A: You can direct all questions to


Q: If a family has had significant changes in financial circumstances what should we do?

A: There is a special circumstance form available on the Student Financial Services website that you can submit for review to see if that changes eligibility for financial aid.


Q: Will I lose my scholarships if I choose to take courses virtually versus on campus?

A: No, your scholarships will remain in effect.


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