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Academic Schedule and Course Delivery

The first day of on-campus classes has been moved to Thursday, August 27. This earlier start date plus the elimination of mid-semester breaks and days off (e.g. Labor Day) will allow us to conclude all on-campus instruction on Tuesday, Nov. 24. Students will be able to return home for the holiday break prior to Thanksgiving.

Final exams and assignments for the fall semester will be conducted remotely during the week after Thanksgiving, concluding the fall semester on Friday, December 4.

For the daily academic schedule, we have modified the flow of classes to better meet the health and safety needs of our community and to provide greater flexibility as we continue to monitor the effects of COVID-19. With a few exceptions, the majority of our classes will be meeting twice a week on either a M/Th or T/F schedule. Wednesdays will be used for labs and weekly seminar classes, as well as chapel. Class meetings have been dispersed across the day, with a 30-minute passing period between classes to provide adequate time for necessary cleaning in classrooms and to avoid crowding in hallways. In addition, we will be reconfiguring classrooms to ensure appropriate spacing; in the case of courses with larger enrollments, this will likely mean that students will need to attend on a rotational basis, with half the class attending the classroom gathering and the others attending via Zoom, and then switching places during the second class meeting of the week. Students who elect not to return to campus, will be able to attend class meetings via Zoom.

The spring semester will start Monday, February 1, thereby allowing for an extended mid-year break.   During this extended break, a number of online courses will be offered to assist students who may want or need to pick up an additional course.  These courses will begin on Monday, January 4. Spring break and a few other days off in the spring semester have also been eliminated for this year.  These changes will allow the spring semester to conclude on Friday, May 14, with commencement now scheduled for Saturday, May 15.

The academic calendar for adult and graduate courses remain unchanged, with the fall semester starting on August 17.

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