Student Email Upgrade

October 11, 2013

Student email will be migrated to Office 365 starting the evening of October 11, 2013 and concluding over the Columbus Day Weekend. The move will be seamless with no interuption of service or loss of email. Students need to know four key things.

  1. The user name for students will now be an email address in a firstname.initial.lastname[REMOVE_THIS]@[REMOVE_THIS] format.
  2. The primary email address for students will become firstname.initial.lastname[REMOVE_THIS]@[REMOVE_THIS]; however, the version of the address will continue to receive email as it did before.
  3. The most direct way to logon to webmail will become, although will continue to work.
  4. There will be new settings for mobile devices and Exchange clients that are used to access ENC email.

Students can learn all about the upgrade at www.enc.ed/office365.