Incoming Students Receive Virtual Academic Assistance

June 25, 2012

Eric Clark, Director of the Center for Academic Success, partnered with Gather Education to offer a free virtual test preparation session to a few incoming students who required remedial academic classes to attend ENC this fall. The session was for students that need to take the Accuplacer, also known as the “Placement Test”, which ENC uses to help place incoming freshman into their fall classes. Using their virtual classroom, Gather Education has made it possible to connect students all over the world. June 20th marked the date of the first virtual session and students from both the East and West coast were in attendance to advance their Algebra skills. Using an iPad to illustrate and a headset to speak, Clark was able to effectively instruct students as if they were sitting in the same room. To see more of the virtual classroom in action, check out the online video.


A view of the virtual classroom from a student’s perspective. Eric is in the center instructing.