History Dept. Attends Conference on Faith and History

October 16, 2012

Professor Bill McCoy and several students from the History Department participated in the Biennial Meeting of the Conference on Faith and History. The organization publishes Fides et Historia, which is edited by ENC Professor Emeritus, Don Yerxa. Sophomore Maegan Bourne presented a paper as part of the undergraduate research portion of the conference, entitled, “Post-Genocide Rwanda: a Judicial Nightmare?” Following her presentation, she joined a panel themed “In the Aftermath of Conflict and Strife,” which included students from other colleges and universities.

Professor McCoy also presented his doctoral dissertation entitled “‘We are thrown away’: The Language of Leprosy and the Founding of the Ncabaneni Leprosy Settlement in Swaziland, 1925-1937” as part of a panel themed, “Missionaries, Adaptation, and Cultural Change in Africa”.


L-R: Jonathan Baboian, Jake McAuliffe, and Maegan Bourne