ENC Announces New Partnership to Offer New High-Demand Academic Programs

May 17, 2022

Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) announces the launch of seven new academic programs to provide students with expertise in areas with some of the fastest-growing job demand in today’s market. The new offerings include five programs aimed primarily at traditional undergraduate students–Cybersecurity, Cloud App Development, Supply Chain Management, Healthcare Administration, and Public Administration– and two that will be accessible to both traditional undergraduate and adult studies students–Digital Marketing and Project Management.

These specific programs were chosen because they represent areas where job growth is projected to be high over the next decade both in the Northeast and across the United States. In this way, the new programs will also enhance ENC’s new Elevate initiative, representing the college’s commitment to ensuring the career-readiness of its students.

“The mission of Eastern Nazarene College calls us to equip our diverse students to lead and serve the world as agents of Christ’s love and truth, and I’m very excited about these new programs as another way to help our students live out those lives of leadership and service. We chose these specific programs because they complement our existing majors in fields like computer science and business very well and will help provide our students with unique skillsets that are so relevant to today’s job marketplace,” said Bill McCoy, ENC’s Vice President for Academic Affairs. “I’m grateful to our faculty and everyone in our academic leadership for their readiness to engage this new partnership, which will allow our students to pursue their career skills in the context of the faith-centered community of ENC. I am also grateful for the dedicated team at Rize Education, which has been such a help to us in laying the foundations for this initiative; we look forward to working fruitfully with them in the years to come.”

These courses and programs are available starting this coming Fall semester through a new partnership with the Lower Cost Models Consortium (LCMC) and Rize Education. The LCMC is a strategic partnership of private colleges and universities across the country that collaborates with Rize Education to gain access to cutting-edge curriculum that prepares students for successful careers.

Kevin Harrington, Rize Education’s CEO, noted, “We’re incredibly excited to be working with an innovative institution like ENC. We’re looking forward to helping preserve all the aspects of the liberal arts education, while making sure that ENC’s students are equipped with the hard-skills employers are asking for. Programs like Cybersecurity, Cloud App Development, and Digital Marketing couldn’t be more relevant, and we want to recognize ENC for their commitment to their students and community by taking this journey with us and the LCMC.”

For more information about the new undergraduate programs, email academicaffairs@enc.edu.

About Eastern Nazarene College: Located just south of Boston on the historic south shore, our private, four-year liberal arts college has more than 50 majors and continues to be recognized as one of the most affordable private colleges in New England. Our diverse yet close-knit campus provides each student the opportunity to excel in a Christian community of caring peers and professors that are truly invested in the academic and spiritual transformation of their students.

About the Lower Cost Models Consortium (LCMC): The LCMC is a national consortium of over 125 fully accredited, non-profit colleges and universities formed in 2015. Members of the LCMC are committed to working together to address the challenges of increasing costs in higher education by implementing innovative programs and reducing institutional costs for these programs to pass along savings to students. In this way, the LCMC hopes to develop new models of higher education that benefit students while simultaneously contributing to the sustainability of accredited, nonprofit, 4-year institutions.

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