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Nazarene Theological Seminary to Offer Courses for MDiv at ENC

Published: October 26, 2012

Nazarene Theological Seminary (NTS) received approval from the state of Massachusetts to offer courses for its Master of Divinity Degree (MDiv) at Eastern Nazarene College (ENC). As such, ENC will become the fourth school to partner with NTS in its Multi-Campus Seminary initiative.

“We are excited to begin this partnership with Eastern Nazarene College,” shared NTS President Dr. David Busic. “We believe it will have a significant impact on the preparation of ministry leaders on the ENC region for years to come.”

Courses for the NTS MDiv Degree will begin being offered at ENC in 2013. “Life & Thought of John Wesley” will be offered January 21-25, 2013, taught by NTS Professor of Historical Theology, Dr. Steve McCormick; and “Developing Devoted Disciples,” will be taught March 11-15, 2013, by ENC Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Dr. Jeff Barker. Contact the NTS Office of the Registrar and Admissions at or at 800.831.3011, ext. 5442 to learn more or to register.

Dr. Jeff Barker shared, “With this partnership, we are poised to begin writing a new chapter about theological education and clergy formation on ENC’s educational region. We are delighted to finalize this strategic partnership between Eastern Nazarene College and Nazarene Theological Seminary.”

Earlier this year, the seminary’s accrediting agency (Association of Theological Schools; ATS) granted approval to NTS to offer the full MDiv degree at the first three multi-campus seminary sites of Mount Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU), Southern Nazarene University (SNU), and Trevecca Nazarene University (TNU). Now that NTS has received approval from the state of Massachusetts to provide education there, NTS will work with ATS in the months ahead to add ENC to the list of approved residential sites.

At the NTS multi-campus sites, two intensive module courses are offered each semester on each extension campus. One is taught by an NTS faculty member, the other taught by an NTS adjunct faculty member from the host campus. These courses include several weeks of pre-course work, 1 week of intensive classroom time, and several more weeks of post-course work.

To view a list of courses being offered at all 4 multi-campus sites, as well as in Kansas City this spring, log on to To enroll or inquire about any of the NTS degree programs, contact the NTS Office of the Registrar and Admissions at 800.831.3011, ext. 5442 or



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