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Multiple Storms Blanket Campus in Feet of Snow

Published: February 12, 2015

Boston received 71 inches of snow in just seventeen days (January 23 – February 9), shattering the 30-day total of 58.8 inches set in 1978. The ENC campus and Quincy area are blanketed with snow, resulting in several days of cancelled classes and the Facilities team working extra hours to clear the roads and paths. Student Government organized events to pass the time, including snowball fights, a dodgeball tournament, an Art Night, and movies in the parlors. To see more photos, check out ENC’s Facebook photo gallery.

The front lawn covered looking at Wollaston Church of the Nazarene and Munro Hall

Gardner Hall behind mounds of snow (a bench is covered in the bottom right)

Looking towards the massive beech tree and Mann Student Center

Canterbury Hall and Memorial Hall

The Student Government organized a snowball fight on the lawn (Photo: Jared Tomey, 18)

(Photo: Jared Tomey, 18)

The front gate is covered

A path curves through the snow towards Gardner Hall

ENC Facilities worked long hours to remove the snow and clear pathways

Photo: Student Government Association



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