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Money magazine names Eastern Nazarene College one of nation’s best values

Published: July 16, 2015

Eastern Nazarene College was recognized by Money Magazine as the top private college in New England for “Affordability” and #24 in the nation. ENC was also named the top school in Massachusetts for the most “Value-Added” and #15 in the nation.

Money Magazine The 50 Most Affordable Private Colleges
Money Magazine The 50 Colleges that Add the Most Value

The affordability list factored in lower-than-average tuition costs and generous financial aid packages, while the value-added ranking was attributed to which colleges best help students exceed expectations.

“It’s not surprising that elite schools report high graduation rates, or that their alumni move on to high-paying jobs,” Moneywrites. “What’s impressive is when a college can help students do far better than you’d expect based on their academic and economic backgrounds and the mix of majors at their schools.”

ENC received a grade of “A” for “Value-Added” and ranked higher than any other Massachusetts college on that list, which was included in Money’s Best Collegesguide for 2015-2016. Overall, ENC was listed at #284 out of 736 institutions in Money‘s methodology based on quality of education, affordability and graduate outcomes.

“It’s always gratifying when the high quality of an Eastern Nazarene College education is recognized,” said ENC president Dr. Corlis McGee. “The fact that ENC is also being recognized for the valueof the education we provide is equally rewarding. At a time when college tuition is out of reach for many young people, Eastern Nazarene College is committed to making a Christian liberal arts education available to as many students as possible.”



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