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A Mathematics degree can open many doors for you, some of which you may not think of as being particularly mathematical. With multiple tracks & degrees offered, the path you choose depends upon your interests. If you wish to go to graduate school in mathematics, or you wish to work professionally in a mathematics related field (such as in the actuarial field), we have a path for that. If you wish to teach in a public school, or work in a bank, or become a minister, we’ve done that, and we can help you do that, too! 

The Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics provides significant depth in mathematics, with a goal of preparing the student for graduate study or professional employment in math. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics provides significant breadth in mathematics, with a goal of helping students pair their love of mathematics with another discipline, such as education or business.

All majors take the Mathematics Core (Calculus 1, 2 & 3, and Linear Algebra) and Computer Programming 1. At that point, the student will want to decide which degree they are pursuing, which will help determine the other mathematics courses needed for them.  Some courses may be required for some paths, but generally, students can choose from such courses as Discrete Mathematics, Probability & Statistics, Differential Equations, Modern Algebra, & Real Analysis. There are also Independent Studies available, should a topic arise that interests only a limited number of students.

One of the great reasons to study mathematics at ENC is the size of classes, particularly in the sophomore to senior level of courses. Our classes are small, which means you will have greater attention from the professor. Your professors will know you by name, and will be available outside of class to help you, should you struggle with a topic. You will not be lost in the crowd. You will be appreciated for choosing to study with us, and your professors will do what they can to guide you along.

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