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Dr. John U. Free Seminar Series 2021

Please join us for the Dr. John U. Free physics and engineering seminar series happening February 26-April 29 on Fridays 4:30-5:30pm. This series encourages collaboration and information sharing between programs and promotes an atmosphere that supports undergraduate research.

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Topic: John U Free Seminar Series 2021
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Date Presenter Topic
Week 1 February 26 Dr. Friedemann Freund, NASA Peroxy defects: the birth of earthquake forecasting
Week 2 March 05 Dr. Robert Daniell, CPI Remote Sensing of the Nighttime Ionosphere from Geostationary Orbit
Week 3 March 12 Aayush Manandhar Stock Prediction and Analysis Application
Week 4 March 19  

Money Hamilton


Ultrasonic Athletic Training Cone for the Visually Challenged with Specific Applications to Basketball

Week 5 March 26 Fady Asaad

Shante Slender

Harnessing Clean Energy from Train Motion and Weight

Revival of Clan Culture via Mobile Application

Week 6 April 09 Kelton Chery

Bailey Lemay


Accessible Code Application for Accelerated Programming

Feasibility of a Hybrid Long Distance Operated Vehicle

Week 7 April 16 Josselyn Mata Signal Processing Applications to Tremor Quantification and Diagnosis
Week 8 Apr 29 Academic Symposium All Senior Design Presentations

Hall-McLaren Life Sciences Lecture Series

Please join us for the Hall-McLaren Life Sciences Lecture Series. This is a colloquium series in honor of professors Lowell Hall and Philip McLaren presenting cutting edge research and professional pathways in the life sciences.

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973 6903 1770
Passcode: 742747

Spring 2021 Colloquium Schedule 

March 18th 4:00 p.m. Darren Bodkin, M.D. SUNY Downstate, Pediatrics Host: Tennyson Doane
March 25th 4:00 p.m. Kacie Guerrette, PharmD, BCACP Aaron Domina, PH.D. Husson University School of Pharmacy Host: Jennie Doane
April 1st 4:00 p.m Donald Reed, Ph.D. Los Alamos National Laboratory Host: Tennyson Doane
April 8th 4:00 p.m. Yuetian Chen, Ph.D. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Host: Tennyson Doane

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