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Jars of Clay Performs at ENC

Published: April 5, 2011

Eastern Nazarene College’s Lahue Physical Education Center was transformed into a high-tech performance venue for the sold-out Jars of Clay concert on April 3. 1,200 students, families, youth groups, and individuals from all over filled the gymnasium for “The Shelter Tour”, which also featured artists Audrey Assad, Derek Webb and Matt Maher.

Chaplain Corey MacPherson recognized many groups who helped organize and work the concert, including over fifty ENC students, as well as senior Grace Kabemba, who persistently called multiple Christian bands encouraging them to come to ENC for a concert until Jars of Clay agreed to add the college to their schedule.

“It took a community of people to gets Jars of Clay here”, lead singer Dan Haseltine announced. “I grew up close to here, so it’s great to be back in New England.”

Jars of Clay’s latest album, “The Shelter” gets its name from an Irish proverb which states, “It is in the shelter of each other that the people live”. The band’s primary message is one of community and unity.

Throughout the evening of eclectic music, people young and old clapped, sang, praised, jumped and cheered. Haseltine briefly discussed ‘Blood:Water Mission’, a non-profit organization created by the band to raise awareness in Africa and to provide clean water wells. “Please be a part of the conversation and what it means to be invocated by a lot of people,” said Haseltine.

The band kept the conversation going, encouraging unity and community in ENC’s Lahue gymnasium throughout the memorable evening.



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