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Honors Chapel Highlights Student Achievements

Published: April 27, 2011

On April 27, 2011 the ENC community gathered together to celebrate and honor numerous students from across campus for academic excellence, character integrity, campus involvement and future potential in the annual Honors Chapel. Awards were given in numerous forms from plaques to certificates, and from books to scholarships. Professors praised their honored students, and acknowledged the hard work of many others throughout campus. Below is the list of recognized students.

Academic Awards:

Biology ? Presented by Dr. Matthew Waterman
-Outstanding Freshman ? Stephen Shenouda
-Outstanding Senior ? Bethany Greenfield

Chemistry ? Presented by Dr. Lowell Hall
-Outstanding Freshman ? Ryan Racette
-Outstanding Senior ? Graham Fehr

Physics/Engineering ? Presented by Dr. John Free
-Outstanding Freshman ? Matt Jayne

Business ? Presented by Michael Holt
-Outstanding Business Communications Student ? Jackie Tierney
-Outstanding Business Students ? Laura Keith, Jonathan Atwater
-Business Faculty Award ? Ben Mohnkern

Social Work ? Presented by Dr. Stacey Barker
-Outstanding Senior ? Caren Kamel
-Michele L. Alworth Memorial Scholarship ? Chelsie Maynard
-Grace Murphy Scholarship ? Misgana Sirmollo
-Matilda E. Casler Book Scholarship ? Michelle Lombardi
-Phi Alpha Honors Society in Social Work Inductees: Riva Davis, Christopher Hertel, Jenna Schofield, Misgana Sirmollo, Emma Gabriel, Paige Vermaat

English ? Presented by Dr. Karen Henck
-Outstanding Junior ? Sherryl-Anne Shively
-Senior with Distinction ? Emily Prugh

Music ? Presented by Dr. Brady Millican
-Outstanding Freshman ? Jessie Hogan
-Outstanding Senior ? Christina Ardrey

History ? Presented by Bill McCoy
-Outstanding First Year Student ? Kenny White, Jennifer Martin
-Outstanding Senior ? Jonathan Atwater
-Charles Todd Caldwell Scholarship ? Jonathan Baboian
-Phi Alpha Theta Inductees ? Adam Berg, Jeff Graham, Antionette Carradine, Austin Steelman, Abby Rasbridge

Theatre Arts ? Presented by Mike Ballard
-Outstanding Senior ? Meg Hardee

Criminal Justice ? Presented by Dr. Laurie Giles
-Underclassman Recognition ? Travis Biggs
-Outstanding Senior ? Sarah Eknaian

Psychology ? Presented by Dr. Richard Fish
-Underclassman Recognition ? Morgan Goodney, Victoria Bolduc
-Outstanding Senior in Psychology/Religion ? Arlene Ruiz
-Outstanding Senior ? Megan Gnoza
-W. Harold Clemens Scholarship ? Rebecca Smith

Education ? Presented by Dr. Lorne Ranstrom
-Outstanding Seniors:
Special Needs Education ? Heather Ludwick
Elementary Education ? Arielle Nazareth
Secondary Education ? Sean Reese

Religion ? Presented by Dr. Mary Lou Shea
-Outstanding Freshman ? Colleen McIntosh
-Outstanding Senior ? Julia Mattoon
-Nielson Pastoral Ministry Award ? Julia Mattoon

General Superintendent’s Ministerial Scholarship Award ? Presented by Dr. Bill Malas
-Awarded to Ericka Mills, Shane Burt-Miller, Nicole Kessler

Honors Society Inductees ? Presented by Dr. Karl Giberson and Dr. Eric Severson, Honors Scholar Society Directors
– Emily Prugh, Jennifer Jacquet, Paige Vermaat, Laura Giberson, Melinda Shaw

Phi Delta Honors Society Inductees:
Criteria: Two consecutive semesters on the Dean’s List & a Cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher.
Jonathan Atwater, Travis Biggs, Victoria Bolduc, Shane Burt-Miller, Michelle Catanese, Stephen Chiavaroli, Johanna DeCoste, Kyle DiCamillo, Micaela Donovan, Caitlin Edmonds, Benjamin Edwards, Graham Fehr, Jessica Fordyce, Laura Giberson, Rajesh Gomes, Morgan Goodney, Bethany Greenfield, Jacob Guevara, Ruth Harper, Joshua Hollett, Jennifer Jacquet, Caren Kamel, Laura Keith, John Keller, Lionel Latouche, Heather Ludwick, Rebecca Malas, Julia Mattoon, Chelsie Maynard, Dawn McCauley, Arielle Nazareth, Michael O’Brien, Jason Oakes, Ross Quick, Abby Rasbridge, Jenna Scherdell, Rebecca Shaw, Sherryl-Anne Shively, Vanessa Sica, Rebecca Smith, Austin Steelman, Allison Tucker, Paige Wetzel

Who’s Who Among Students:
Ababa Abiem, Christina Ardrey, Jonathan Atwater, Shane Burt-Miller, Alexandria Cabral, Michelle Catanese, Stephen Chiavaroli, Anna Cousins, David Hoelschen-Thorne, David Christopher James, Nicole Kessler, Lionel Latouche, Julia Mattoon, Dawn McCauley, Emily Piesco, Mandolin Porter, Emily Prugh, Rebecca Stonelake, Brooke Sword, Wilkinson Theodoris

Special Honors

Alumni Awards ? Presented by Lynnette McCabe, ‘75
ENC Alumni Association Senior of the Year Finalists:
-Outstanding Female Finalists: Julia Mattoon and Mandolin Porter
-Outstanding Male Finalists: Jonathan Atwater and Lionel Latouche
Alumni Leadership Scholarships
-Paul E. Williams Scholarship ? Brittany Joy
-Merritt Mann Leadership Scholarship ? Rebecca Smith (Photo on homepage)

Audrey Ward Staff Scholarship for Service ? Presented by Lauren Frost, Assistant Director of Admissions
-Awarded to Rebecca Smith

Silent Server Award ? Presented by Ben Mohnkern, SGA President
-Presented to Alexandria Cabral

New Award: The David H T Character and Courage Award ? Presented by Dr. Linda Scott, Associate Dean
-Presented to David Hoelschen-Thorne


Dr. Bill Malas presents the General Superintendent’s Ministerial Scholarship Award to Ericka Mills, Nicole Kessler and Shane Burt-Miller



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