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Honored Faculty & Staff

Distinguished Staff

Listed below are members of the ENC staff who have been granted the honor “Distinguished Staff” by the College. Each retired from ENC after twenty or more years of dedicated full-time service.

Harriet Colville
James Cook
Dorla Hall
Carolyn Morse
Carol Seltzer
Elizabeth Waltermire


Faculty Emeriti

Listed below are members of the ENC faculty who have been granted the honor “Faculty Emerita/us” by the College. This honor is granted by a vote of the Board of Trustees upon nomination by the President of the College.

Michael Ballard
Professor Emeritus of Theatre Arts

Lambert Brandes
Professor Emeritus of Music

James Cameron
Professor Emeritus of History

Beverly Cawthorne
Professor Emerita of Education

Nancy Detwiler
Professor Emerita of Exercise and Sport Sciences

Barbara Louise Faulkner
Professor Emerita of History

Norene Pfautz Fiacco
Professor Emerita of Education

Richard Fish
Professor Emeritus of Psychology

John Free
Professor Emeritus of Physics

Lowell Hall
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Kent Hill
President Emeritus

Janet Lanham
Professor Emerita of Psychology

Jerold McCloy
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Corlis McGee
President Emeritus

K. Brady Millican
Professor Emeritus of Music

Charles Seifert
Professor Emeritus of Music

James Stark
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Dorothy Tarrant
Associate Professor Emerita of Foreign Language

Susan Watkins
Professor Emerita of Library Science

Donald Yerxa
Professor Emeritus of History

Donald Young
Academic Dean Emeritus

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