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Free Edible Tour of Babcock Arboretum

Published: July 18, 2019

Join us Thursday, August 1st at 6:00 PM for a special tour of Babcock Arboretum. Sample a variety of edible plants, herbs, fruits and more, and learn how to use local resources to develop a sustainable environment. Free and open to the public, the tour is part of the college’s 100th Anniversary in Quincy celebration.

Babcock Arboretum is named in honor of Professor J. Verner Babcock, who taught botany at the college from 1938 to 1978 and is managed by Director Sam Mohnkern. Mohnkern with lead the tour that begins at the steps in front of Gardner Hall near the main gate on East Elm Street.

A botanical garden intended in part for scientific study, Babcock is a registered arboretum that features signage with the Latin and common names of plants and trees as well as recognition of who may have gifted them. Eastern Nazarene College is situated on a section of land that was originally part of the historic Quincy family estate. Originally a lush 400-acre property, the land was cleared over the years to build homes for Quincy family members, a girls’ school, and the college. The original homestead had a wide variety of plants, some of which are still on campus today.

Three original Norway Spruce trees remain on the left side of Canterbury Hall. The grand tree in the center of campus facing the student center was a gift in the late 1800s from Charles Francis Adams II to the Quincy Mansion School for Girls. An impressive specimen of the Beeches variety is believed to have traveled across the Atlantic from Europe in a small pot. Charles Francis Adams II, who was known for giving trees as gifts, ordered 50 Beeches from Europe around the turn of the century. Not all of the trees on campuses were gifts, but a good number of them were donated in memory of individuals or groups associated with the college. Celebrate summer in Quincy with an historic and edible stroll through Babcock Arboretum on August 1st



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