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First Annual Quick Pitch Competition

Published: April 8, 2014

The Eastern Nazarene College Business Division and the Quincy Center for Innovation held the first annual Quick Pitch Competition on April 3, 2014 at the the Old Colony Campus. Quincy entrepreneurs and ENC business students had the opportunity to sell their business idea to a panel of business leaders and investors and to win prizes. Award-winning ideas from the Quincy community consisted of an online marketplace for unwanted furniture, a device to hold a tablet more comfortably, and lunchbags with educational trivia created by ENC Adult and Graduate Studies alumnus, Richard Moran (05).

Two teams of students participated in the pitch competition, with junior Luis Mora taking the student-track prize for his business Mora Communications, geared towards instilling confidence in high school students and helping them gain public speaking skills.

“What I enjoyed most from the pitch competition was the process of putting it all together,” said Mora. “Collaborating with mentors who are entrepreneurs and receiving constructive feedback from my peers made it so that everyone was involved somehow.”

Elizabeth Buckley, chair of the Business Division, helped the students prepare for the five-minute business pitch by drawing in concepts from classes and walked them through the process of pitching a business idea to investors.

“Most business plan and pitch competitions are either primary academic or community focused and market driven but rarely do you see a combination of the two,” said Buckley. “The Quick Pitch Competition draws on the strengths of both aspects; the students deliver persuasive and compelling presentations with thoughtful insight and research and the community draws more on market feasibility, experience with customer acquisitions and application in a competitive marketplace.”

Senior business students Julianna MacFarland and Steven Rodriguez also entered the pitch competition with their digital agency Visio Marketing, specializing in integrated video, social, search, and content marketing.

“It is not only for the benefit of the Greater Boston Community that we open up events like these, but this real life exposure for our student competitors,” said Buckley. “This event creates a synergy between both the academic environment and the workplace in the Greater Boston area allowing both students and working professionals to learn from one another.”

“The event itself was an amazing experience,” said Mora. “I had the opportunity to network with incredible people who I would not have met had I not entered the Quick Pitch competition.”

Mora Communications Pitch
Visio Marketing Pitch



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