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Faculty Scholarship and Achievement – February 22, 2011

Published: February 22, 2011

Eastern Nazarene College is pleased to celebrate the recent accomplishments of our esteemed faculty:

Dr. Mary Lou Shea, associate professor of the history of Christianity and missions, recently published her first book, Medieval Women on Sin and Salvation, which focuses on four women: Hadewijch of Anterp (1200?-1240), Beatrice of Nazareth (1200-1268), Margaret Ebner (1291-1351) and Julian of Norwich (1343-1416/19). The book analyzes and provides insights into these women’s perspectives and writings on the theology of their day, inspired by Anselm of Canterbury’s 1098 Cur Deus Homo.

Environmental Science professor Jonathan Twining is preparing for two presentations on vernal pools to local organizations. He will present on March 5th for children and families at the Trailside Museum with the Massachusetts Audubon Society. He is also presenting to the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s annual TrailWatch meeting on April 10. Jon has an ongoing program of research with students on vernal pools over the past four years. He and students are setting up a training session for vernal pool certification with the Friends of the Myles Standish State Forest within the next week.

History professor Dr. Randall Stephens spoke at a Harvard Divinity seminar on Pentecostalism and Prosperity under Professor Jonathan Walton on the day the class covered Dr. Stephens’ book, The Fire Spreads. Stephens is giving a seminar paper at Boston University’s American Political History Institute on “Revising America’s Christian History: The Religion Politics of America’s Past” and is organizing a major conference at Harvard University with Harvard professor Larry Friedman on “Public Intellectuals” on April 7-9.

Physics professor Dr. Karl Giberson, partnered with Francis Collins, is publishing a new book this February titled, The Language of Science and Faith: Straight Answers to Genuine Questions with InterVarsity press. The book explores issues of science and religion as it pertains to questions of the universe, the Bible, Darwin, and God. His book with Mariano Artigas Oracles of Science was also recognized in the most recent publication of World Magazine.

Dr. Giberson also participated on a panel at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. on Saturday, February 19, discussing “Barriers to Teaching Evolution”, and recently participated in a debate with secular atheist Dr. Herb Silverman at the College of Charleston, arguing the topic, “Does science make belief in God harder or easier?” The debate can be found on YouTube.



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